4iiii launches power meter with “find my” integration

“According to 4iiii, it will work in the same way as an AirTag”


thats pretty smart… Wish they have chose an open standard instead of apple specific…


Yeah, I have AirTags on everything, and I know people who’ve gotten luggage back thanks to AirTags, so this is pretty exciting.


Lenzyne has some air tag accessories, I actually use their bottle cage on my “expensive” bike. Sure it’s not the best bottle cage in the world or the lightest. It does give me a peice of mind knowing I could track my bike down if it’s stolen. They do have some other products, one for you seat rails and holder that goes on the bottle cage mount minus the bottle cage.

Out of stock

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Maybe there is hope

I have an old crankset Shimano ultegra 6700. It doesn’t say that the precision 3+ non drive crank arm is compatible. But I thought all Shimano hollowtech 2 are compatible. Can I just purchase the precision 3+ 105 fc r7000 non drive side and just install it on my ultegra 6700?

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This is pretty cool stuff. I’ve been ‘tracking’ this for a while… lots of hoops they had to jump through to get this certification. It’s similar to all third party ‘AirTags’, so it’s all the same aside from the UWB precision finding. I’ll cover this in detail over on YouTube soon.


And this would probably never be used unless the crank isn’t attached to the bike.

I bought mine several years ago and the folks at 4iiii were very helpful. I bought single sided and later upgraded to dual and they guided me through the process. I’d contact them and see if they can help.

Not me. I want my bike to actually be found. If nobody is carrying around phones that are actually tracking the tag, it’s useless. Since phones haven’t implemented such a standard, it’s useless. And it’s outside of 4iiii’s control. They did the best they could with the world we currently live in.

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you say that until apple stop supporting the system or create a new standard that is not backward compatible.

They do. Much less than google, tho…
By no means i proposed to be a google standard… but yeah

Highly, highly unlikely between now and when your stop using that power meter.

Name me three examples where Apple killed some standard and didn’t make the new thing compatible at all (dongle might be required). There might be stuff over 20 years ago, but I can’t think of anything semi-recent.

x86 chipsets (soon)
floppy drives
removable drives
off board memory slots

You can tell an apple fan the way they defend apple… its ok

The problem is, there were (still are), competing standards. And in fact, 4iiii was the first to try those four years ago via Chipolo. It didn’t work out, because nobody is on them (hell, even Chipolo gave up and is making FindMy devices now). Literally, you coudn’t find anything as nobody would go past those devices, even on what were at the time huge networks.

I’d love to see some sort of actual open platform/system for these, but nothing with any even non-existant user numbers exists today, let alone what’s required to support finding a tiny device virtually anywhere in the world.

Finally, from a tech standpoint, Apple didn’t kill any of those things you mentioned. The markets did, because they became too small (e.g. a floppy drive), or too inefficient. Their competitors got rid of them too.

Look, there’s lots of legit things to be angry at Apple about, but AirTags isn’t one of them.


I know… and I know… If anything… they got out of the markets before everyone else.
And I am just angry because I am not an iphone user (I do use other apple products)

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I’m pretty sure this is part of the Chipolo (Tile / Airtag competitor ) integration that’s been in 4iiiii PMs forever. Chipolo ONE Spot - Chipolo

I thought all those things were going to be trouble and guess what, I didn’t miss a single one. I bought an M1 Pro 14” laptop last year and it is hands down the best laptop I’ve ever owed.

I have an external SuperDrive I bought years ago just in case and it’s still in the box unused.


Haha. I made that mistake too.

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The real question for @dcrainmaker and @GPLama - how’s the power meter accuracy? And do you know why the Precision 3 is only available as a left / single sided?