45 Min sessions only?

If you only use the 45 min sessions (5 days a week) can you expect this will give you some gains or is this too short a time? Coming from a position of already doing 5 days a week mid volume, realise it won’t be as good.

It is very possible to get good fitness with that workout length. It may be a bit limited depending on your prior training history and intended needs. But you can surely do good work and benefit with that.

Fore reference, here is the Mid Vol Time Crunched 45 minute plan in the Specialty Phase section.

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It will give you some gains and if that’s all the time you have then it’s better than nothing. Yes, it might not be “as good” as higher volume workouts but since you can’t do those, the plan you have is the best one. Just a different spin :slight_smile:

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