Am I doing it right?

I am very time driven and can only do a 45 minute session at lunch 5 times a week.
I pick the 45 mins at random.
Am I doing this all wrong and will I improve if I keep doing this??

First - there isn’t really a right or wrong. If you’re enjoying yourself then you’re definitely doing it right.

If you have specific goals that you want to achieve based on those 45 minutes then you would be better served by optimizing these rides and structuring them based on a plan of some sort. TrainerRoad offers all sorts of these that you could use to meet those needs or you could modify and customize as you see fit

Generally speaking if your goal is to get stronger on the bike then you’ll be much better served by following a plan. The tried and tested progression is to pick a base plan and follow that to completion (12 weeks) then a build plan (8 weeks) and then a specialization plan (8 weeks) for a peak that would be 28 weeks from now.

If you don’t have a specific event that you’re targeting then you could also see significant gains from doing just base and build and then repeating again and again. You’ll never fully specialize on a specific thing, but you should continue to get stronger

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This approach is certainly not wrong if it keeps you motivated and moving!

If you are curious about starting a plan, then the Time Crunched 45 plans would fit your schedule very well.

5x per week, Mid-Volume:
3x per week, Low Volume:

These could help give you some guidance and help you maximize the time you spend training. You can feel free to edit the workout dates and order in your Calendar however you see fit.

Feel free to reach out if you have any further questions!