Full Ironman plan - 3:30 bike week out from race

I started a Full Ironman training plan 1/4/21. The race is on 6/12 and a weekend before (6/4) the plan calls for a 3:30 bike. As this is my first Full IM, does that much bike volume a week before sound accurate?


Seems like a lot - the years before my races (it been a while) but my plan always had a 2 hour easy ride on Saturday the week before the race

Cool that you have a race on the calendar!

An easy 3:30 shouldn’t take too much out of you at that point but if you feel like it’s a lot just reduce the hours? It’s your plan after all :+1:


Thanks all - ya I understand that I can just reduce or maybe adaptations may reduce for me too. I just wasn’t sure if 3:30 the week before was what was supposed to be presided for this plan.

I wouldn’t balk at that. By that point a 3:30 easy ride should be really really easy. If you came into triathlon from a running background like me you might be used to say a 15km run the week before a marathon. The only reason you don’t make that say a 20-25km run is because running has a tendency to beat the body up. Not so much with biking.


The actual workout is also going to be based on your personal PLs, and could change by the time you get there. Maybe there’ll even be some up upgrades to AT by then. :grinning:


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I’d echo what everyone has said above, and add that tapering varies. Completing every workout (of any IM plan) as prescribed in the last few weeks is not important, recovering but staying active is.

As it’s your first, it’s more likely that 3h30 is about half the time you’ll be on the bike on race day. With that context it doesn’t sound such a big session. On the other hand, if you’re elite level, 3h30 could be around 80% of your race day effort so you might even want to tweak that down.

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