What Should I Expect?

I’ve not long started SSBLV1 but with a goal of losing weight. I’m on 200g of carbs a day on my low/resting days and 300g on my training days. I’m 82kg which puts me at 2.4g carbs per kilo and 3.6g carbs on training days

With all this said, I’m just curious as to what I should/could achieve at the end of the training period. Weight is coming off me at 2lb and week and I’m managing to just get by with my training

Will I see a FTP increase? W/kg improve with losing weight and maintaining power or is it a case of how long is a piece of string?


Any answer someone could give you would be an educated guess at best. It would all depend on how much ‘extra’ weight you are carrying, your training history, current fitness level, etc. If you are at 20+% body fat and not well trained then you could probably see FTP gains as well as weight loss. However, if you are closer to an ideal weight or fairly well trained then you most likely will have to focus on one and be happy with maintaining the other.


Personally, I think you are asking for an outcome goal that you have no control over. Instead, I would focus on process goals you can control. For example: commit to be on bike 4 days a week no matter what, or staying under a calorie goal 5 days a week, or making a low volume TR plan a non-negotiable no matter how you feel, etc. Be consistent with a process goal for a month or two, then review/adjust/repeat. Too many of us focus on an outcomes that are out or of our control like winning a specific race or hitting a specific FTP or hitting a specific weight. At the end of the day, it is about your daily process (goals!) that will be the ingredients to give you the greatest shot at the outcome goal. JMO

To answer your question more directly, you will probably see improvements in FTP and weight if you are consistent. I would just focus on consistent process goals and let the cards fall where they fall. I think you will be surprised. I know I was with myself.


This, a million time this.
I’m in the same boat as OP, albeit heavier.

Stick to your nutrition goal, don’t ask yourself whether or not you’re going to train, give yourself a treat once in a while.
I haven’t lost a massive amount of weight (6kg since Jan) but the way i’m going about it feels sustainable.
I allow myself a night out with the wife, where we have a nice dinner, a nice bottle of wine, etc.
The rest of the time, I just stick to my plan, be it training or eating, and I don’t ask myself what I should be doing.


Ok thanks people. I’ll just stick to what I’m doing and see what the results are at the end. I’ve dropped a considerable amount of FTP from before. December I was 3.45 w/kg but at 89kg. Now I’m 3 w/kg but much lighter so I’ll probably do a bit better on climbs

One thing I have noticed is the lack of power, I did a short ride the other week and felt so weak. I guess this is due to the lack of glycogen?

No, if your w/kg dropped, you will do worse on climbs.

Your FTP fell at a greater rate than your weight, which suggests you lost too much too quickly, losing both fat and muscle mass. The danger here is that if you rebound at a later date, the lost muscle might be replaced with fat. You’ll have to be very careful with your diet until things stabilize.

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a 3.45 w/kg rider will beat a 3 w/kg up a hill all day long.

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Ah ok. I’m just gonna keep doing what I’m doing until I get under my goal weight and then rebuild

Thanks everyone :blush:

I’ve just completed my first Base and Build phase (LV + weekend rides), new to TR and structured training. I’m trying to maximize my w/kg, so maintain weight loss whilst making fitness gains. weight loss was around 1-2 lbs a week during the first 8-10 weeks of base. during the latter part of base and build I had to increase calorie intake to get me through the workouts. weight loss has dropped but is steady around 0.5lbs per week. ftp gains were 13% during base and 5% during build. lost 14 lbs in that time, currently 86kg 181cm.

Be careful about using weight loss as a metric. If you’re new to training then you’re going to grow a fair amount of leg muscle where you didn’t have it before. On paper your weight might stay the same but you might be dropping a lot of lard and growing some powerful legs.

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Read the section on losing weight while adequately fueling to train.


Well I did my mid week workout last night and I seriously struggled. Maybe because I did an unplanned Baxter yesterday, either way I was doing 55-60 rpm. Mid way through the last interval I had to have a back pedal and then completed the workout. Think I may have to adjust the timing of my meals so that I have a bit more carbs prior to the workout

According to my scales, the muscle mass is improving and my body fat is coming down. Granted they’re just £100 floor scales but there seems to be a consistent pattern

I’m looking forward to doing a FTP test in a few weeks. Should I do the test with my current diet or should I increase the carbs prior?

Fuel adequately, but, more importantly, follow your normal regime when testing, same as when you work out.
Please refer to the latest (249) podcast episode.
You need to test like you train, otherwise, you risk skewing your training plan, making it harder to follow through.

A few months ago I took part in a test with my wife and a few of her colleagues and we went on 1000 calorie a day diets. When I did a workout I would consume the same number of calories burnt or likely to be burnt. It was very hard and a bit extreme but over 6 weeks we proved a theory. The training was tough. I then went for a weekend MTB in Wales and it wrecked me. :slightly_smiling_face:
I now train more consistently and fuel normally and I train first thing. My weight has come back up but is slowly melting away as I train and I keep remembering Amber’s “don’t diet on the bike” * words of wisdom.
At the end of the day we’re all different, have different aspirations and goals but life really is very short. It’s about, as others have said above, taking it steady and you will reach your goals but there is no quick fix.

I’d make sure to maintain protein as well.

Weight loss is calories in v calories out.

When I started, I saw FTP gains as well as weight loss, but later down the line I could only maintain FTP while losing weight. I’m now aware I wasn’t fuelling workouts and recovery enough (too much dieting on the bike), but I still think it would be difficult to significantly grow FTP in a significant deficit. I think one has to be the primary goal.

If I was going again, I’d use a percentage based deficit rather than a specific calorie deficit, as I think that definitely contributed to under fuelling and therefore slowing training progress, even if weight loss goals were achieved. But to be fair to myself, weight loss was my primary goal.

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So are you guys recommending that I fuel on the bike even for the hour workouts? The only time I consume anything is on the Fridays 90min session which is 47g of carbs (High 5)

Once my sessions are done, I consume a recovery drink which is around 450kcal. Most workouts are 650-700 except for the Friday one is around 900-1000

I personally don’t fuel on any workout sub 2h

this is something you need to experiment with yourself. I workout early morning and fasted. having completed long endurance and sweetspot rides fasted I feel I don’t need to fuel at all. however I do have fuel available for the workouts during build and latter part of base as it helps with RPE. I am doing LV so have more scope with recovery if I don’t get it right.

I’ve been thinking the same question since I started on TR. I’ve got the same goal of using the bike to drop weight but improve on power. 87kg start of Jan, 84kg now, FTP220. First foray into structured training.

I found moving to a process goal of hitting all three workouts on my low volume plan and prioritising fuel on the bike and dieting around my workout has worked well. I typically have a small snack around an hour before a workout and a gel or two during. My logic is the fuel on the bike stops me pushing too deep into any glycogen stores and then having to chase it back at a later date.

Looking forward to my next ramp to see if six weeks of SSLVB1 has driven FTP improvements whilst dieting.

Keep it up.

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Hey people, I hope you are all doing well during this tough time. I just wanted to update you all on my progress as I have literally just finished a FTP test for my next block

I was on SSB LV1 and my FTP was 248. I was also 190lbs. I decided to go from LV to MV 2 as I now have more time on my hands and I’m now 265 at 180lbs

I could of squeezed out another 30 seconds or so but my cadence drops to low 40’s and I suffer from knee pain but I’m still fairly happy with 265

Like I say, just a quick update and it may help others that are in the same boat (wanting to lose weight)

Stay safe people, it’ll all be over soon