Neo erg control

Is there a way of controlling the ramp up in resistance during the workouts.
I have spent the last five months recovering from an adductor strain and the only thing I can put it down to when erg mode on the Tacx Neo ramps up from say 50% to 120%+ FTP resistance for the first few seconds of each ramp up I’m resisting the Neo and pushing down hard on the pedals to get the cadence back up to 90+ rpm.
Can anyone help overcoming this problem so that I don’t suffer again.

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There is no setting that I know of to help with this. TR sends the power resistance change about 1-2 seconds before the official start of each interval change. This is also true for the decreases at the end of each interval. As such, you may want to anticipate the change sooner than the 0:00 seconds that we might expect the change to occur.

Beyond that, you might also work to increase your cadence a few seconds before that early transition. Try for 95 rpm if your “normal” cadence is 90 rpm. This faster cadence will likely be dragged down to “normal” once the resistance is added. It may feel easier to start faster and be “dragged down”, vs starting by getting pulled below “normal” and having to climb back up.

The extreme option would be to use the Workout Creator to make copies of your workouts, and alter them to include a ramp profile instead of the vertical step transition. It would be tons of work over time for the likely wide number of workouts that you would need, so not practical really.

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