2nd Ramp/FTP Test-Quarq Accuracy Question

Coming up on my 2nd ramp/FTP test. I use a Quarq with a mag trainer. Given the accuracy of the Quarq is 1.5% if my FTP changes within that % do you all just keep the same FTP going forward no matter if the change is a gain or loss?

How do the workouts feel at the moment? Do you struggle to complete O/U intervals? if not, then take the 1% increase.

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If it is a gain, I would accept the gain, even if its within the range of stated accuracy, since those tend to be “worst case scenario” conditions.

If its a loss, I generally just keep the FTP where it was at, assuming I was completing workouts.

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O/U ok. Higher VO2/anaerobic a bit of a struggle. Sprint stuff fine.

Learning how to manage the shifting and cadence with the workout variability for short intervals is a challenge. Easy to go way too high then too low.

Coming into this plan with high outside mileage and general fitness…The ramp FTP came out within 1w of what I predicted from all my WKO+ data…

Overall, the indoor riding is much harder than expected. I thought I’d come in here and have no issues with every workout given my history.