24hr solo endurance event nutrition

This year I really want to dial in my nutrition for my races and last year was a HUGE learning curve. After reading and talking to the people at Tailwind they were a big help last year. 24 hr solo events are just as much a eating and drinking contest as they are a physical race.

Last year my “A” race was roughly a 8 mile lap and close to 50ish minutes so I went in with the plan of 1- 20oz bottle of with tailwind "2.25 scoops/225cal " and another 20oz bottle with Nuun each lap, yes 40oz of water was a lot but it was over 100 degrees, big injury on lap 3 which slowed me down ALOT but by lap 5 I was a bit bloated and I took that as a indicator that I overshot my caloric intake and backed of a for a few laps and got things straightened out.

I have a few 100k training rides planned where I am going to mimic my race nutrition plan.(100% liquid intake)

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