24 Solo MTB Traditional base HV vs SSBHV

Hey guys, 24hr solo race coming at me in about 17 weeks, been a couple of years since my last one and have a 3 year old son now so TR has become more of my life than it was for the last solos I have raced.

Wondering what people’s thoughts are around Traditional Base as apposed to Sweet Spot Base? I’ve been through a full run of SSBHV1 & 2 in the past but wondering if it’s more beneficial to get the hours in utilising Traditional Base.

I have about 12-14hrs available for the trainer per week so feel like TBHV might be a good option to start this time around.

If a solo 24 is not a good use for traditional base then I’m struggling to figure out what it would get used for anymore.

Anyway, keen on some feedback!

P.S - I race Singlespeed…keep it simple and silent.

I would go with SSBHV. With just 17 weeks, you don’t have time for TB. SSB will build your cardio and muscular endurance to a much greater degree than TB will.

As in the description, for those coming off a long lay-off or injury, or don’t want to hit the intensity quite yet.

The best. :drooling_face: