Strategy for long distance events

Hi everyone !

Doing a 24 hour relay as a team of two (2mile circuit) - any thoughts on best strategy? In particular for length of sessions?

We both have decent / equal levels of fitness but found this tough last time where we took a best guess of an hour on, and two hours overnight

Initial thoughts were 6/7 laps ~30 min sessions and riding at sweetspot and try not to get carried away with some of the faster teams of 5/6 riders.

Potentially longer sessions in the night to allow for some longer rest… but afraid longer rest may actually work against us

I think sustainable power will be best bet due to the long period, and more laps gained at the end when others are fatigued … but either way there will be fatigue

Either way appreciate it will be horrible … again :rofl:

Anyone had any experience of similar events ?

30 minutes isn’t long enough rest for the off rider imo. Will you have crew taking care non-riding responsibilities? I would look at 60-90 minutes of tempo riding. What is the course like? Easy to maintain steady power or will it produce a large VI?

Hey Cory

Thanks for that, longer sessions do make sense … the course is flat but depending on weather can suffer with headwinds which can increase the effort significantly

I think the thing is also to be able to adapt to conditions and how we feeling on the day

Do NOT let a headwind raise your power output, let your speed drop and keep your power consistent. You want your power graph to be as flat and smooth as possible.


I’d even be tempted by 3 hour ‘pulls’ at low tempo zone.

Quick update … as expected headwind was brutal at times … started out at 1.5 hours then dropped to 1 hour stints until gone midnight, pulled 2 hour sessions until dawn and then 60min and 45 min as we were comfortable 3rd place to the end.

Ultimately probably started too hard (as always difficult to hold back) and empty tank by end … little/no sleep but decent result all things considered.

Thanks for help