2024 Triple Bypass Thread

I’m opening a thread in hopes for people here to share their Triple Bypass training plans and tips for first time riders. I did the event for the first time in 2022 which was marked by bad weather. I decided to go back this year because I didn’t get into Leadville and am hoping for a more enjoyable event if the weather cooperates.

As far as training goes, I’m going to stick with the Gran Fondo plan that I started for Leadville in December. This is the first time where I have religiously followed the plan and didn’t swap out workouts with fun Zwift rides. The improvement when you actually stick to the plan is incredible! I’ve went from 273 FTP to 292 FTP in a matter of a couple of months.

Doing it for the second year. Last year was my first and I was probably spoiled for life with the weather. I’m also doing some long gravel races this year, so my current plan is the rolling road race.

Last year I bonked a bit at Frisco, so just hoping to avoid that.

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Thinking about signing up for this as the spots dwindle. Realistically not in top bike shape right now (been focused on trail running) but hey, I’ve got 4 weeks to train! :sweat_smile: