2022 Year In Review

Following on from the “Strava is charging for Year in Review”, and the “What’s your CTL at for Xmas” threads, I thought it might be interesting to have a thread to post your 2022 years in review.

I’m starting the thread now as I’ve come down with some gnarly bug and it looks like I won’t be adding to my totals this year.

I did 601hrs total this year, 199hrs on the mountain bike outside (including racing), and 402hrs indoors on TR.

I did SSBase HV with some Z2 the first half of the year and seemed to be steadily progressing. A VO2 Block and then Covid in the middle of the year and I don’t feel like I’ve climbed back on top of things at all yet.

Prior to this week I’ve been just riding long with the occasional SS OR threshold workout since my first A-Race of the season in October. I felt like there was actually starting to be some fitness brewing, so I’m hopeful that if this doesn’t affect me too badly then hopefully I’ll be really ready to go in Jan for the final block into the back half A-Race (s) :crossed_fingers:.

Anyway, how did 2022 go for you? What worked? What didn’t?


Following a concussion and broken ribs last year i unfortunately had a worse accident in jan breaking pelvis, 6 ribs, collarbone, concusssion again and punctured a lung. So the first bit of the year was recovering following clavicle and rib surgery and going round the house in my dads motorised buggy !

Anyway i managed to do SSBMV 1 and 2, and build ok, recovering to match my CTL of 76 from last year by August. Weight has been at lowest for 30 years and im consistently keeping it off. W/kg at highest also.

Mileage wise i’m at 5269 so aiming to hit 5500.

All i want to do is be consistent now through to Ride London next June. Way too many peaks and troughs showing year to year.


335h, 7200km. A few injures and crashes here and there but nothing more than a month recovering.

Also I started running again recently.
20h, 175km.


Training process interrupted for a total of 17 weeks over the courtesy of the year by Covid x 2, Flu, Bronchitis and a Sinus infection, and race cancellations due to covid, costs or tragic & unfortunate events mean I raced twice only despite 2/3 year of training comittement.

And due to some illness I’m starting winter training 5 weeks late. So a bit of a rubbish year amongst which I’ve enjoyed a few bike /training rides. I go into 2023 focusing on XCO whereby I’m a long distance specialist on the basis “a change is as good as a rest” and that there are more XCO races available in the calendar e.g. less chance of doing not much.

Its not very a very motivating year, and I’m trying hard to get motivated for 2023.

Sorry to be a grinch…


2 crashes, a few course pbs, no outright pbs as the drag strips I rode this year didn’t coincide with fast days. Still managed an all time power pb for 25 miles of 254W on the TT bike (but on a slow day) a 10 mile power pb of 269W only 4 weeks after a major crash - which shows that maybe rest is more important than training sometimes. Plus a 270W road bike effort for a sporting road bike 30mile TT. All at 61kg so decent w/kg. Oh and I managed a 37min 10k in a horrible gale force wind in February which I was pretty pleased with on 10miles/week of running (although I am an ex runner!) - shame I have had calf niggles ever since…still looking forward to 2023. CTT in the UK are adding road bike cats to all TT so I think I will be on the road bike more and the TT bike less racing this year. …especially on the sporting courses. Good luck for 2023 everyone - race well :+1:


Hoping to hit 5000miles + and should do, I’ve been bumped of a few miles for indoor riding from before Strava could cal’c from TR data. (I’ve added 60lbs on to my weight in TR so that my speed gets calc’d more realistically by Strava, and therefore get’s mileage more accurate. Miles are down from last year but time is very very similar.


Three solo runs that I did that i’m really happy with:

18.5miles - 791ft - 21.2mph (nearly sick at the end of it!) (2nd place by 35sec on a well known/used route)
103.4miles - 5220ft - 19.8mph
61mile - 3182ft - 20mph

Two punctures, despite our roads being terrible.
And only fell off on one occasion :grin:

Not going as hard every run in 2023… more easier riding, as i was rarely fresh this year to beat my best times on my solo routes.


Starting riding April 2021 & TR May 2022 so this is my first full year to review. Did LV climbing race plan + extra outdoor rides.


10,000 miles
550,000’ elevation

Raced 3 climbing fondo’s (1 x 2nd place, 2 x first place overall)

FTP 263 to 273 (Not much but feel stronger in other ways) Outdoor FTP is 290 go figure.

PR’s on several climbs from 12 - 43 min

1 concussion
2 broken ribs
3 stitches in my cheek
1 bruised ego.
Countless new friends
1 happy fella.


Good 2020
Two A events planned!
Two A events successfully completed (1200K, SR600K)
600 hours = 10,000 miles and 30,000 cumulative load for the year

Good 2021
Three A events planned!
Three A events successfully completed (1000K, 1200K, 1200K)
600 hours = 10,000 miles and 30,000 cumulative load for the year

Mediocre 2022
Four A events planned!
Two A events successfully completed (1200K, 1200K)
Dropped out of one A event due to Covid (1200K)
Crashed out of second A event (1000K)
No riding for one month, PT for three months, major loss of fitness and mojo
550 hours = 9,000 miles and 27,000 cumulative load for the year

Pending 2023
Three A events planned!
Targeting 600 hours; 10,000 miles; and 30,000 cumulative load again
Working this Winter to regain my fitness and mojo
Planning to avoid crashes and hospitals

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On pace for a bit under 14,000km and around 450h. Had wanted to hit 15-16,000km, and 500+ hours this year.

Illness and overreaching were the theme this year. Would push too hard for too long, without getting enough sleep/downtime, then would end up sick. Both in regards to training, and life.

Ended up DNFing my 1000k A-event partly due to several weeks of illness in the month prior to it leaving me out of form (the other part being weather).

Crossed the Pyrenees which was great and a long time bucket list item. Gave me lots of time to reflect on life and realized I needed to reset so took like a month basically completely off. Gave me the insight into how burned out I was and how much rest I actually needed. Sat on a beach in Spain and did nothing; then got home and just wandered around in the forest for a bit every day. Actually started being able to sleep properly again.

Came back to training invigorated. Got a coach to help prevent digging into a pit again. Feeling and performing the best I have since winter 2019-20.

So didn’t meet the goals I prospectively made for myself, but probably did things that were more productive in the long run.


You can also post your VeloViewer infographic to graphically show what you’ve accomplished. It’s (still) free! So far I’m at 9,890 miles, 484,000 feet of elevation, and 500 hours of cycling, with hopefully another week of riding (sickness not withstanding).


I’m not sure what has worked for me this year. I probably peaked a little early and then plateaued a bit. I think I have settled though on maintaining fitness, riding and enjoying. I did a couple of 50mile TTs that as about as new as it got for me.


All (Including Trainer)


Nice call.


A bit of a roller coaster for me. Lots of learning, but at the end I think I’m stronger in many ways than last year. Started off hot. Goal to exceed the 500 hours I hit last year. Started a workout plan in November for a 4 hour mountain bike race at the end of March which was one of 2 endurance mtb A races for me this year. Got hit with an illness (not covid), got hit with more responsibility at work, and made the decision to start coaching my son’s t-ball team all in Feb. That coupled with a bit of burn out from going tooi hard in November, December and January and my above pace performance suddenly took a nose dive. Lost motivation to train, cut riding in half and generally was not caring. I was going to skip the race at the end of March, but decided to do it just for the hell of it. It went okay. I achieved the pace I was going for and most importantly finished it. Finished the race, started some “loose” training, had a vasectomy planned for first of May that took me off the bike for a bit. Got Covid at the end of May. Went to the beach for a week at the beginning of June. Tee-ball ended, Job stabilized and I set my eyes on my second A race at the beginning of September. I also started thinking about what caused my burn out. Too much structure. I started back up with just two weekday workouts, but then more riding with Zwift pace partners in between, and then going long with my group on Saturdays which helped build that endurance. Eventually cut back to one workout a week and just riding the other days, either with a pace partner or with a group aiming for Z2 or tempo. Completed the race, struggled a bit, but still won my class and second overall. Fall tee-ball kicked up, but still feeling good for riding so I kept riding until I had a freak knee injury that put me back a couple of weeks at the beginning of November. Following that, I carried on with the one workout a week, but focused on Sweet Spot progressions with that workout, which has been fun. I completed 75 minutes at 90% of FTP with ease a couple weeks ago and am going to continue with that for a bit. Managed to get about 420 hours in and 8200 miles. A bit short of my original goal, but with all the set backs, I feel pretty good about it.



Pretty good year. Will try to finish it off with Rapha 500.

Did a few CX races and had some good form in the summer. Took 2 2-week breaks in February and November and got in my first ever 300 mile week in during the summer.

My third year of consistent training at around 400hours per year since becoming a dad / office drone / ~30 year old guy!


Second year with a coach, pretty happy with the volume and consistency!

Been able to ride consistently every week except for 2.5 weeks complete off due to COVID in March.

600 hours seems like a good aim for next year as well, commuting has really helped with the hours :slight_smile:


hope you feel better soon!

Not much to report on from the racing side of things; quite disappointing actually. Covid, broke 2 bikes at very inopportune times, on the road too long due to some life circumstance, blah blah crying a river LOL.

Training was good tho amongst it all! Hit my 1000h goal, currently sitting at:

887h bike
89h gym
58h hike/recovery walk

Hope everyone has a great start to 2023!!



Decent year. Mileage and hours down a bit compared to 2019-21, mainly due to covid, a crash and a minor op. But offset with more consistency with lifting throughout the year, maintaining structure through the warmer months (started using TR outdoor workouts properly for first time) and generally being smarter and more consistent with training, recovery and nutrition. FTP and weight stayed about the same, but in my late 40s I count that as a win! Made some improvements in short power, repeatability and aero which led to improved race results. Pretty happy with results with a win, a second place and a bunch of other top 10s in road races and crits. Felt like I had an impact in every race I started, either getting myself in good positions to challenge for a podium spot and/or helping team mates.

Hoping in 2023 I can keep that consistency, maybe have a few less training interruptions, and eke out some FTP gains. But maintaining current level and having fun with it would also be a great outcome.


Curious, with those hours, how does a normal week look like?

Full time rider?

1 crash-dnf, 2 mechanicals
No breakthrough pb numbers bit pretty good year overall.
Just did a tired(3000kj) 15 mins 5.5w so still improving.


Whoa, goals!