How many hours have you guys done this year so far on the bike?

I took a look at my strava profile today and I noticed I spent 510+ hours on a bike this year. It’s the biggest number in my whole life (it’s the 7th training season for me). I think, in my case, it’s because of the pandemic and remote work. For me, it’s a lot but I started wondering (and it’s pure curiosity :slight_smile: ) how it looks at others. Can you help satisfy my curiosity?

  1. Working a lot this month but, hoping for an even 600 for the year.

WOW!!! :clap:

Time is close to normal maybe a little up year over year. The Kj’s are way up this year which is cool.

With ongoing custom SSBHV1+TBHV1 combination and end of year Rapha Festive 500 attempt probably will reach +/- couple hours within 600h.

This is 1st year of structured training for me. Before that 3000km/yr just fun-riding was more usual ballbark.


A little over 350, but I only started riding again in May.

My life partner is closing on 700 for the same time span.

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Recovering consultant here – 200 hours this year, which isn’t much but is still 2.5 times more than last year and going on 10 times more than the several years prior.

Could have done more… Just didn’t. But I’m happy to be back.


340 hrs but working longer hours all the way through the various UK lockdowns so down on previous years.


Screenshot 2020-12-06 091059

Had some time off in the spring/summer that really helped with a lot of extra time on the bike.


Sorry man but it’s just crazy :sweat_smile: Skipping the recovery part, if I rode that amount of hours I wouldn’t have place to live, a wife, neither the job :joy: Kudos!

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I’m at 333 hours. This is the most time I’ve ever done on the bike, and certainly the most structured training. Previous years I’ve done about 275 for the year, but that included commuting and racing.

Looking at my strava:

Distance 14,785.9 km
Time 469h 29m
Elev Gain 114,868 m
Rides 389

That won’t include most of the very short little rides round town running errands by bike.
Much bigger distance than I’ve managed before. Commuting 52km a day when I was working from the office, and then spending large parts of the year either working from home or off work has meant that my total distance got a real boost, although the lack of any events has meant that I have done very few long rides.


493 and counting…


389 on the bike and another 205 from run/swim

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517 Hours



Very much a quiet year this year (wonder why?) but my Strava stats are:

Distance => 3,766.7 km
Time => 403h
Elev Gain => 73,472 m
Rides => 200

That includes rides/time on the trainer. .

365 so far.

Jan = 0hrs, Feb & Sept = ~15hrs ea.
Dec is always a jumbo month for me, hoping to pile in 70-80hrs.

Averaged out: ~10hrs/wk.