2022 Trek Supercaliber Sizing

Hey All,

Contemplating purchase of 2022 Trek Supercaliber but struggling with choice of frame size between the M/L and L. I’m 5’9.5" which puts me in the tweener range according to Trek’s sizing chart. My 2019 M/L Procaliber (hardtail) has similar, though not exact, geometry and has always felt a tad small to me, although I don’t know if that’s just the feel of the steeper angles on that bike. compared to my FS bike.

Getting the Supercal for not so technical endurance MTB events like Leadville so the questions are:

Any current Supercal owner in similar height range have thoughts on sizes?
Would the larger frame be more beneficial for endurance riding - not a geometry geek so tough for me to determine what’s most important for comfortable riding position between things like reach, stack, tube angles, etc.


Not a direct answer, but here are some comparisons that may help:

Thanks Chad!

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