ISO Supercaliber Small Frameset from Trek Dealer

Alright I know this is a long shot but you never know.

I traded up my Emonda in March for a Supercal frame. Got it order and it was to be here in early April. Now it is May and I am being told it’s now sometime in August and I doubt that now too.

So since I did the trade up deal I only have store credit for my LBS but they are a Trek dealer and can do a transfer.

So I’m asking the community if they know of any small supercaliber frameset at their local Trek dealer that could do a transfer for me.
Thanks for the help.

Also a Supercal 9.6 will work too. I will strip the parts and resell.

Find the UPCs for the models that will work from a local shops website, look up the UPC on Google in the Image section, filter by Last Month.

There’s also a software provider that most bike shops use. It’s something generic, like BuySellOnline. If you can find it,you can search nationwide inventory. Edit:
Your Search: "supercaliber" - Buy Local Now

If you need Trek owned stores, I think Trek uses Locally