Trek Supercaliber v's Normal Full Sus

Hi Guys,

I’ve been racing XC and Cross Triathlon (MTB in the middle rather than road bike) for a few years now on a superlight hard tail (8kg).

Whilst I can fly on the flat and climbing, my weakness is downhill (I’m a big scaredy cat).

So, full suss seems like a good way to go.

I like the look (and price) of the Trek Supercaliber, but how will this handle compared to a “normal” full sus such as the Specialized Epic?



Pinkbike did a field test on these bikes among many others. I liked their videos, but it made me want all the bikes.

You may also consider getting a dropper for your current bike to see if that helps with your descending. There is a learning curve, or familiarization period, and some seem to pick up on dropper use quicker than others.


Thanks - and great link. Confirmed my thoughts that a full sus would be better as my limiter is descending.

I do have a dropper - been riding MTB for a while.


The Supercaliber is much more than the sum of its parts and much more capable than you would expect. That being said, lots of great options.

Take a look at these threads for a lot of discussion and information:

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