To all CAAD 12 Owners/Supersix

I have an offer for a size 54 frame that might be unbeatable but I usually ride a 56.
I am 5 11 and would just like to know what sizes you are riding in comparison to your body height. Extreme positions for me are no problem. Rather lower than up to high

Cheers for the input

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I have an old CAAD 8. I’m 5-11. 54 is perfect. I’ve also ridden my mates EVO, size 54, perfect.

is there not a local bike shop you can go and sit on one?

Tricky. I am also 5’11" and ride the 56cm frame. That being said, I just had a fittingWhere they shortened the stem, effectively reducing the reach. I think it could go either way, and if it’s a good deal, it’s probably worth it. Even if you have to get a new stem for it.

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Its 500 for a brand new disc frameset


Not sure to be honest since I am living abroad at the moment.

I’m 5"10. Got two supersix (gen 1 and 2) both 54s. I sat on a 56 and it didn’t fit me at all. 54 is perfect!

Really a personal question - it definitely could work though

Look up the geometry and compare the measurements to what you’re currently riding

Get the 54… I’m 5’8” and ride a 54 but I should be on a 52.


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5’10" and ride a 54, 56 is too big for sure. I could almost ride a 52. Disregard the PM I sent you, now realize that bike won’t work for you.

5’10” and ride a 56 CAAD12. Had a bike fit before purchasing this bike. Never had to tweak a thing since.

I’m 5 11 and had a 54 CAAD 12 and loved it.

Im 6ft1 and have a 54cm frame

I’m 5’11 and ride a 56 Evo. However, I think a 54 would be better. Really, I can go either way though. The 56 was used and a good deal.

6’3 and I’m on a 58

I ride an old CAAD9, 54cm at 5’11". It’s an absolutely perfect fit. I believe the cannondale CAAD/Supersix geometry has not changed since then.

I test rode a 56 and I could likely make it work with a 90cm stem, but it ‘felt’ too big. Not maneuverable enough, sluggish in the corners. Basically defeats the purpose of buying such a purebred crit bike.

Also 5’11 and use 54cm with zero issues. 56cm is actually too big and would require a 90mm stem and a zero offset seatpost to even come close to working properly.

Well, I’m nowhere near your height, but CAADs run big for both my husband and myself. He usually rides a 54, but the 52 was much more comfortable. I was comfortable on a 48 Scott, Specialized, and Felt before getting a 44cm CAAD #babybike

Supersix Evo here, I’m 5’8" with “very long arms” or so I’ve been told by fitters. Size 54 is what I’m on.

So many variables. Don’t buy it unless you know it will fit.

I’m 5’10 and a half and ride a 56 super six with a 130mm stem -8 degrees with 30mm spacer. A 54 would be way too small for me.

I used to have a 115mm stem on it which was fine with the stock Cannondale C2 bars and 105 10 speed shifters. I changed to Ultegra 6800 and Pro Vibe bars and had to put the longer 130mm stem on to achieve the same reach to the hoods! Go figure.

Here are some good resources for comparing geometries and stem reach:

I’m 5ft 10 and I’ve ridden both 54 and 56. Whilst I was comfortable on both bikes, the 54 always felt a little on the small size. I never changed the stem, so perhaps that would have helped, but I did change to a 56cm frame which felt better underneath me. Each to their own though…