Riders from 5'10" to 6'0", Saddle Height and Frame Size Questions?

I’ve spent some time fiddling with saddle height this year, and have landed somewhat significantly lower than I was previously set by a Retul fit. I’ve also surveyed sites like this one: https://dmcx.com/, and videos like GCN’s “Pro Bike” series, and other sites which cover pro bike setups. What I have noticed is that riders in my general height range (5’10" - 5’11") have saddle heights lower that my old Retul fit would indicate, and often they size down a frame size (which I know is a “Pro” tendency to get a shorter headtube).

With all of this in mind, I’m curious about the following two questions for those riders out there in the range of 5’10" to 6’0":

  1. What is your saddle height (from center of BB to center of saddle profile)?; and

  2. What frame size do you ride?

DISCLAIMER: I’m aware this is not “scientific” or necessarily helpful, give all of our individual physiological characteristics. I’m just curious to see if any of you line up in general with my preferred saddle height range, or if it varies significantly.

I’m 5’10” and mostly legs.

78 cm
55 on road and gravel, L MTB

179.5cm with saddle height (only) 72cm.
56 tarmac and 54 crux! I’ll move to 54 tarmac even specialized says I’m at the edge of 56 (close to 58).

It depends on your leg length, your flexibility, and a bit on preferences, much more than on total body height.


I guess I should have put this in my original post. I’m right around 180cm, and I find myself most comfortable around the 750-755 mm range. This is with shorter than normal cranks, so I’d probably be around 745 mm if I used standard 172.5 cranks.

I agree wholeheartedly, I just find it interesting that people in the same general height range can up with such different setups, so I thought I’d “poll the audience,” so to speak. I do find it to be a bit of a “red flag” when highly functional pros who are even a bit taller than me (and therefore potentially w/ longer inseams) have lower saddle heights than my inflexible, desk-bound self. And by red flag, I’m referring to my own fit, not theirs.

Also consider crank length. The most recent podcast had a good discussion on it.

I’m just under 6’ and ride a 56cm road bike with 175mm cranks. I could probably fit on a 54cm bike and use 173.5mm cranks for a slightly better fit. Bought the ride used but I’ve adapted to it and it works well.


Definitely a consideration, I agree. Presently, I ride shorter cranks, so my saddle height is probably 5-7.5mm higher than it would be otherwise.

6’0 / 182.75cm, leggy

58cm frame

75cm saddle height

165mm cranks

It feels low, but played a large part in eliminating knee pain.

For what it’s worth…

I’m 180cm, saddle height on my road bike is 80cm. 172.5mm cranks, 54cm frame.

56cm frame,
172.5 crank arms
77.5cm saddle height

I find all of this so fascinating. Some of y’all are basically my height but are running your saddles 2.5-5cm higher, even with longer cranks. And on the flip side, some of y’all are running lower.

Inseam and cranks all matter in the final math. Not to mention actual pedal angle through the stroke too (ankling) will have some influence too. To be honest, height is worthless compared to all the other values; WRT saddle height at least.


I’m 5”10 and am comfy on a 54 frame. 54 cervelo S3 and a medium Canyon ultimate which is a 54 - both run 172.5.

My TT and CX bikes are both large frame as recommended by manufacturers (canyon & px) and whilst I fit them I’m of the opinion they are probably a fraction to big for my comfort. The Tt runs 175 cranks and it might be that throws me off…

179 cm Height.
89 cm inseam.
I have a medium Giant Propel with 172.5mm cranks (78.5 cm BB to Saddle height) and a Medium Canyon Speedmax CF with 175mm cranks. Don’t have the saddle height handy.

Understood. I thought about including inseam in my original post, but that felt a little weird asking people for their crotch measurements…:man_shrugging:

Depends on what you really want to learn.

For bike sizing, you have to look at all that along with bar reach and drop, which is a result of many more component dimensions. Gets messy the more you add.


I’m 5’11"

I have 2 road bikes, both my seats are at 74.5 cm from center of bb to top of seat directly in line with the seat tube.

Fun / nice bike is a 55, trainer / rain bike is a 56. There is no direct sizing overlap with these 2 brands, my 55 is also a more aggressive frame with a lower front end.

Both run 172.5 cranks

Tri bike is 75.25 cm, running 165 mm cranks, on a 54 frame. Still had to get creative to get the drop I wanted on this particular bike.

178cm height
88cm inseam

i have a size 54 cervelo with 172.5mm cranks and 73cm BB to saddle height. I run cleats nearer to center of my shoes which explain the lower saddle to BB height.