2022 Specialized Allez Sprint

Looks like the release of the new sprint is imminent.
Internet murmurs and pics show an SL7 like aluminum bike.


Have you seen any pictures yet? The closest I’ve come is seeing a spec sheet?

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I still love mine from 2016 :heart_eyes:


Found over on reddit r/velo

Not sure how I feel about this :thinking:


Saw these as well. I currently have the 2020 Disc version and I think I still like that version more? I’m really not sure. It could look amazing with a difference paint job and some deep wheels.

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I thought the appeal of the Allez Sprint was that it was fast, aggressive, and reasonably priced for racing. On reddit they were saying the 105 build with basic wheels would be $3300. By the time you start talking wheel or groupset upgrades why not just get an SL7?

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I know exactly how I feel: meh

Old sprint looked aggressive, fast and desirable.
New sprint looks just like any other alu bike.

Nothing against alu (my gravel and MTB are both alu) but there’s nothing that looks special there. Might ride amazing but visually it’s lacking a certain je ne sais quoi that the old one and other alu bikes have.


Can’t wait to see this bike get released with 105 and basic rims for like $3,700, sellout, and then 6 weeks later have prices jump north of $4,000.


Double thumbs up for use of this phrase


Saw this on facebook so no idea how reliable it is.


That looks much better to my eye. The first leaked photos of a gloss black one in a larger size looked pretty terrible.

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I could actually go for that one! :heart_eyes:

Ditto, hooray for colors!

Agreed. Plus, it was relatively affordable and you could just get the frameset.

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So they kept the worst part of an integrated system (cables through the frame) and got rid of the part where it could actually save you some watts (through the HB / stem).

Sure….makes total sense.


It looks very similar to the current one albeit integrated cabling.


Complete opposite for me. I like the black one, but that color/stripes mashup is hideous. Couldn’t pay me to ride it. Black hides the welds better, too. To each their own I guess.

Definitely will be looking out for frameset prices and weight compared to SL7 pro

Rumor is $1700 for the frameset.

Edit: The Comp full build above was $3300 if I remember correctly. Then a Limited build for $6800 but unsure what it’s spec’d with.

Jesus, I hope that’s not true. I wonder if that’ll push the price for the current sprints up