Specialized allez sprint frame


Little question here.
Im about to buy the specialized allez sprint frame.
Does any one has pro’s & cons on this frame
What is the weight of the bike with ultegra?
Or shud I just get sworks tarmac sl5 second hand?

Very interested in hearing about this frame as im between the Sprint and a Giant Propel

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I have been riding mine for a little over a year and originally purchased it as my main bike and for racing crits. It replaced an early 2000’s aluminum Trek road bike I had been riding. I built it up from the frame up using Sram Red eTap, Quarq DZero, Zipp Sprint Stem, Zipp Aero Handlebar, and a set of ZIpp 302s. It has been a great bike and it was definitely an improvement for me. So far I have raced it in criteriums and road races, used it as my daily training bike, and have completed a couple century rides.


  • Cost, a comparable build on a Tarmac was going to be about 3 grand more and to me it wasn’t worth it.
  • Stiff frame but still fairly compliant. The Carbon fork, cockpit and seat post definitely provide enough compliance not to rattle me too much and when I punch it I feel it.
  • Definitely targeted at a crit or other short race scene, but is versatile enough to do anything you want it to. This is almost as if the Tarmac and Venge had a baby, but it is aluminium.
  • Aluminum frame for crits is nice since wrecks are more frequent and the risk of carbon failure is not there aside from the fork and seat post.
  • Now has a disk brake option


  • It definitely loses some comfort rating over long rides, but my fit is also very aggressive and aero so may not be the bike and still better than my old bike.
  • Not as all-rounder as I would like, I believe a Tarmac would be better as a I have only one road bike ever. Again could just be my fit.
  • I don’t think you can fit these with Di2 as is. My LBS said they would need to do some drilling to fit it, but I have seen one guy with it.

Really, for the money it is a fantastic bike and I have not once regretted the purchase. I am now in the market for a Tarmac or Venge but it is not because I want to ditch the Allez, just N+1 and I want a carbon frame. If you can get one new with an Ultegra build, I would definitely go with that over a used Tarmac, unless the Tarmac deal was too good to pass up.


Thank you for the response.
I own a carbon bike atm.
Very standard carbon.
Thats why i want upgrade.
But Im not sure its a upgrade or down grade to alu frame.
My bike with carbon wheels weights 8.6kg

I wanne take on some crit racing next year and some grandfondo’s

Agree with what bigbaddox wrote. I own both the Allez and the Sworks Tarmac SL6. The Tarmac advantages are the obvious, lighter and more comfortable on longer rides. Dont think you’ll go wrong with either bike.


I happen to LOVE the Allez Sprint, and one of our TR employees had one. They’re incredible bikes, especially considering they’re aluminum, and I wouldn’t consider it a downgrade. The SmartWeld technology that Specialized has been using on the newer aluminum bikes has made them quite competitive:

“…at a claimed frame weight of 1,150g for a 56cm, it’s only around 140g heavier than the carbon Venge. D’Aluisio Smartweld Technology, so named after long-standing designer and engineer Chris D’Alusio, is a construction method that keeps the welds well away from the joints, which in tern boosts strength and minimises weight. It also allows the bottom bracket to be formed separately and then welded on to its respective tubes, giving this Allez Sprint’s metal frame an oversized bottom bracket area and a chance to compete with the rigidity of modern carbon frame designs.” Review: Specialized Allez DSW SL Sprint Expert - Bikesoup

You can read more about the welding tech here: Alloy Technology | Specialized.com

I think it’s a quick bike that could serve you very well for Crit racing while still being up for Gran Fondos. While it might not be quite as comfortable as a Tarmac, I always prefer having a brand new bike over a secondhand one, especially when it comes to carbon frames.


Pretty jealous on that combo :open_mouth:

Im ordering the allez :slight_smile:

3 of my friends purchased the frame this year alone, they all love it. They all came from carbon bikes and non of them regret their decision. one of them did 6gaps with me in the fall. 210kms with 3,800m of ascent: no discomfort.

I personally have a Tarmac and love it.

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Ordered the allez sprint sagan edition
Need to pick it UP tomorrow :grin:


Anyone using one for longer road races? Really like the look of these and am currently racing on a 2nd hand CAAD 12 anyone any experience?

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I’ve done a few 100 milers on my Allez.

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Hi guys… Here it is!
Will take another pic in the sunlight


US Pro road race National Championships was won on an allez sprint. Think it should be good enough for the rest of us

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Imagine how fast he would have been with an aero helmet at the very least. Good for him to muscle through nonetheless. Shows how fast the allez is, then!

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It was 90* on that day. 20 or so riders finished. I don’t think an aero helmet would have been the top choice for a helmet. Plus. He sat in, raced smart, skipped pulls, and his turns were short with the group of four. Dropped them on the final climb before the bell lap. He went hard in the paint. it was beautiful to watch. And, yeah that bike is fast. That’s why you see them everywhere.

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That bike is gorgeous!! :heart_eyes: Congratulations!

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I have an allez sprint for about two years already and i’m looking for a new saddle. Since the stock once seems to be sagging in the middle now and i’m getting discomfort that i wasn’t before.

Since the stock saddle has steel rails would i be able to change to a carbon railed saddle?

Are there saddles with carbon shells and titanium rails?

I really love that bike! I recently got a new aluminum Trek Emonda ALR thru my team but the Allez Sprint was what I really wanted. LOL! Just couldn’t afford it.

my blog: ex-prosays.blogspot.com

I’m about to go from an Emonda SLR to the allez. Someone locally has a decent deal on the frame and ultegra groupo. I may get it. Try it out and if I don’t like it I can probably sell the thing for what I paid.

I’ll probably keep the Emonda for the long rides or climby road races.

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