2022 Scott Spark

What size stem do you currently run/is on each size?

I’d suggest with the capability of the Spark and geo perhaps the medium with a short stem would be a better set up assuming the standover etc is ok.

That’s not going to be possible. Very few in stock anywhere.

My procaliber has a 70mm stem. With the Spark, small is 50mm, Medium is 60mm.

I found the exact model/size I was looking for in stock yesterday! (Just 1 model/size in stock, so got the last one on bike24.com)

In EU we have a red team version:

I preferred this color over the team axs, and it comes no AXS, but cheaper and XT.

No try to sell the Cannondale and build some decent wheels!

Can’t wait


Great looking bike!!

Love the red accents on the forks etc.

I think that’s a pretty great spec compromise (at least that’s nearly exactly the same as mine). You can always update parts as they wear if you have a desire to change to AXS etc.

Have you got the bike in hand yet? I’ll be super keen to hear your thoughts.

(Also seems like a pretty good deal based on a Google currency conversion - it had seemed like the 2022 was eye wateringly expensive, but €4799 is significantly less than RRP of the equivalent 2021 Spark 910 which doesn’t have the HMF frame)

Not yet… I guess it will take a week or so to arrive.

In EU the retail prices went up €200-300 a month ago. Even for preorders… :frowning: I got lucky with this one, it was still the old price ~4600

That’s incredible value for what it is.

Carbon cranks, higher spec 30mm wheels, HMF frame.

wheels aren’t that great, the do the job and 30mm is nice and all, but I think I found the 25 or 26mm version of that wheelset at a weight of ~ 2kg.
I will be upgrading the set to a lightweight set (duke rims, light hubs) hopefully < 1400 grams.

Nothing feels as great as a light wheelset!

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Holy schitt…that red Spark is awesome!!


been drooling over this all day:

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SEAT TUBE BOTTLE CAGE: For anyone that owns this bike, I’m interested in which bottle cages you’re running. I just received my medium. I’ve tried the Syncros side mount and things are pretty tight for the cage connected to the seat tube. Wondering if anyone has found one they really like yet.

Syncros Tailor 2.0

I have a medium and tried elite vico carbon, couldn’t get the rear bottle out, snapped one trying to get a tool bottle out. I tried fidlocks, they fit but would never get the rear one back in the cage in a race so tried the Syncros side mounts and find them to be the best.

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Question for anyone with this bike. Is it possible to stick anything in the downtube via the shock access hole?
Would be great to put a pouch in there with tools, spare tube etc. Seems like a missed oportunity that Scott didnt think of this

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good question, have been thinking about that too…

if you look at this image, the size of the “hole” you should fit your stuff through is about half (or slightly less) the size of the actual hole, the bottom half is blocked by the shock

So the size is not very practical, in addition if you don’t want stuff to rattle or hit the shock, you would need to mount it somehow, which is even more tricky.
The space is there, the access is limited and the mounting is absent.

the best guess is, some 3d printed box you can stick up there and connect it to the latch, but it’s tricky…

Yeah, i was thinking like a long foam padding pouch that could fill in the area and slide in and out. Not sure if it would interfere with cables though. Would be great even just to store a mulitool, tubeless repair and a snickers bar. Still wondering why scott didnt think of this as frame storage something that many brands are offering now

yes, maybe with enough padding you could just “stuff it up the downtube”… I guess the cables are not really an issue, they are all with housings and running in the same line, so you would just push them against the inside of the frame (which is not an issue).

the padding should be thick enough that the pouch will sit snug in the tube, but also flexible enough that you could push it through the opening.
luckily the shock has the main body downwards, so if the pouch slides down to the shock, it will not interfere with the suspension, but maybe it will block the lockout…

People do it, I’ve seen it on the spark Facebook group. Personally I don’t as I couldn’t put up with any rattles.

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found 1 picture on the FB “Scott Spark RC” group:

I simply putted a Tubolito (kind of inner tube) and three tyre levers inside the frame. With reusable plastic clamps I can remove it easily. It’s inside the frame just behind the bottle holder. No rattles, no problems with rear shock lockout.

Maybe another option is the Syncros CO2 cache cage:
downside is that is doesn’t contain the 6mm hex, and the rear axle tool 6mm does go far enough into the (fox 34) front axle…

With that cage, you can put the soft stuff in your frame and the harder/heavier stuff outside.

Thanks for all the feedback and pics, nice to know it is possible. I have my eye on a Spark 900 AXS but just waiting for my LBS to realise that he has mistakenly set the price too high :smile: Will check out facebook group for more inspiration

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Did someone upgraded from old to new Spark RC?