2022 XC Bike Thread

That old thread was beginning to feel like an old hub standard, am I right?

Nothing new, but here’s a primer for anyone needing a quick overview of what I find most interesting in 2022 XC models:

Please add more…


Canyon Lux Trail is another good option. Particularly the CF7.

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Flow just came out with their spark 2022 review


If everything goes according to plan and Santa Cruz isn’t outright lying, I should have a Blur TR in my hot little hands in January. Fingers crossed!


In my experience, Santa Cruz was spot on with the ship dates of a Blur. My dealer told me September-ish for the XC model and October-January for the TR. I rode the XC bike in September and waited for the TR. I got the S build TR in mid October. I love mine!


Oh nice, that’s good to hear. My shop got a couple XC models in Sept/Oct but I decided not to pull the trigger because I didn’t want to have to buy a new fork/shock right away (I was already planning on upgrading brakes and wheels). I was worried because I knew that bike existed and the TR was still out in the ether. Hearing you got one on the stated timeline makes me feel good!

Should have an SWorks Epic Evo December 9. Going to strip down my SB100 for the parts.


Our Santa Cruz deliveries have also been pretty reliable. I suspect this is because they didn’t actually let us choose what to order–they just said “here are the bikes you can have this year and their approximate ship dates, take it or leave it.” It was a little off-putting at first but it’s worked out quite nicely!

And I really like my new Blur!


My new Top Fuel turned up this week. (Au.)


For anyone thinking about the new 2022 anthem, take a read of the flow review, and don’t miss the part where the review frame cracked :flushed: on the first ride.

It’s great they’ve pushed the envelope with frame weight, but the fundamentals of not breaking shouldn’t be forgotten. I broke three anthems in less than a year, eventually got a full refund and moved on.


Expecting a RM Element on boxing day. The frame isn’t ultra XC anymore, but I’ll be happy on that platform in BC.


I’m really curious to hear more about the Ibis Exie. All of the reviews I’ve found are from Enduro cyclists — I’d like to hear the perspective of an endurance XC rider. My experience with Ibis’s suspension, on a Ripley demo, is that it feels amazing.


I will say I have never found Santa Cruz to deliver earlier than expected.

They know how to make a damn goo bike though. I’ve been riding the new Juliana Wilder (it’s the Blur TR, but purple) and it’s outstanding. I’m really looking forward to getting it between the tape in the spring.


It looks like the very early 29ers. They were pretty awful geometry wise.

I can’t imagine the gyroscopic effect being pleasant at all in SingleTrack. They’d probably be rocket fast for something like Leadville or similar. Rough but not “technical”.

I’ve got an Exie on order that should be arriving sometime in January. I’ll definitely be sharing any insight I can once it arrives (and trails are clear enough to ride it)! I’ve ridden a Ripmo for a few years now, even raced it in XCO, so I’m excited to compare the Exie to it and to the latest Epic which I’ve also had the chance to demo & race a couple times.


Do you feel that it still has the climbing ability and speed of earlier models, or has the increased suspension/weight moved it more toward the tail bike and compromised its ability to go fast?

Dunno yet, it’s been pi55ing rain since I picked it up! And I’m coming off an old Scalpel so it’s not going to be a good comparison. I suspect it’s more trail than XC though, but I’m getting older so it’s sort of where I was heading anyway.

And I just ordered a Procaliber to scratch the XC itch…

Anyone able to guess the embargoed bike?

Chad and others may even have an early tip? Could be an Anthem DC bike with Maestro, I’m not sure though.

It’ll be interesting to see how they compare the Lux and Blur Trails vs the RM and TF. It looks like the test/comparison is much more trail orientated than XC, but fun nonetheless.

  • Purely a guess, but that seems very unlikely to me considering they just released the single-pivot version.

I am not sure what it could be.