My new 2019 Scott Spark RC

I’ve recently bought this super bike.
Its a Scott Spark RC model 2019.
I’ve done some upgrades (seatpost,cassete+stem) and now, with pedals my bake have 11.5-11.6 kg.

I want to shave off about 1kg with upgrades until summer :slight_smile:

Any advice where to start?
xx1 crankset + new set of wheels


That XX1 crankset will shave a good bit off, think. I’m assuming that’s a GX cassette already on there -swap that to an X01 cassette, it’s quite a weight savings. What were you thinking for wheels?

And this is just me but I’d put a dropper on it. I held out for years before I tried one & I’m sorry I waited so long. It’s a game changer, without a doubt.


where’s the gx cassete ??? there is already the xo1 cassete :slight_smile:

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Sweet! I couldn’t tell from the pics

with the xx1 crankset I will shave about <200gr.
with a new pair of wheels I will probabilly cut off 400-500gr.

I have a 2018 SCOTT Spark RC 900 WC that weighs about 10.80 kg, just under 24 pounds on race day. I’ve upgraded with AXS shifter/derailleur, Quarq XX1 power meter, Eggbeater 11 pedals, WTB Volt carbon saddle, 9point8 Fall Line R dropper, and Light Bicycle carbon wheels (~1400 grams for the pair). I don’t skimp on tires so I have Mezcals 2.35 f/r that weight 705 grams each.

All that being said and it was certainly fun chasing grams, I’ve learned through my racing that it’s likely to make almost no difference on race day. I’ve been beaten by guys on bikes that weigh 5 pounds more than mine and are carrying an extra 20 pounds of body weight. What has made a big difference is consistent training following Base - Build - Specialty of TR and regular mental training (Headspace).

If you have money to burn, the wheels are a great place to start, just realize it is a marginal gain at best and there are free low hanging fruit.


thank you @MI-XC for the info.
I relly that an upgrade on wheels is the way to start, because is rotational weight resulting in faster response on accelerations and handling.

now I am training and racing with the stock wheels …syncros silvertrone(something like this) 2.5 and I think they’re about 2 kg…

Can I jump in on this one lads?, I have a 2019 Spark RC and i am also looking to shave some weight and was going to start with the wheels, - i have a set of stock wheels at 1675 grams, and i was thinking of moving to a set of Carbon DT Swiss XMC 1200 Splines , and at my calculation that will save 345 grams.
I know its alot of money to be spending on 345 grams and so i was asking myself the question what if i upgraded the hubs on my current setup to a Kris King pairing , - what would this do for performance ?
Any input is appreciated,

Dump the eagle for 11 speed if you’re going to xc race. Those 12 speed cassettes are boat anchors. Next sl cranks. Carbon wheels. Fox SC fork. Xtr race brakes

That’s almost a lb of rotating weight. That’s worth every penny if you can swing the money.

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anyone know’s the real weight of the xtr brakes? now on my bike I have the slx ones.

in summer I’ll try to find a pair of wheels that have around 1500gr, custom made (not entire a full brand) that wouldn’t hurt the wallet so much :slight_smile:

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My m9000

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thank you for the info

There’s also nothing wrong with aluminum wheels and you can get them quite light. I run crest mk3 wheels and you can get those down to 1400-1600 grams depending what hubs you go with. The lighter you are the less you need carbon because you won’t be flexing them as hard.

Nothing that you would notice. Hubs though on the wheel are at the center, so the weight is less relevant than say on the rim or tire when you consider rotational weight. If you are looking to spend money to increase performance and drop weight, generally upgrading to carbon wheels is the best place to start. You’re unlikely to notice the weight difference with carbon rims but there are many other benefits that come along with carbon rims.

I disagree here, this falls into the “weight weenie” category where those obsessed with grams chose weight over performance. The vast majority of XCO top pro racers and amateur Cat 1 guys are on 12 speed cassettes and self included I would never give up my 12 speed. In fact for my XCM events I wish I had a 13 speed 60 tooth option!


Because they are paid too. Not because it’s better. They are paid to sell products, not to win races.

In terms of weight, you wouldn’t notice a difference. But the potential performance gains with hubs come from easier service, bearing replacement, and from higher engagement at the free hub.

Yeah when I upgraded my wheels I chose DT Swiss 240s with 54 tooth engagement, coming from 18 tooth. I feel like it’s helped me during technical riding as there’s not as much “slack” in the pedal stroke. Marginal gain for sure, but in combination with the upgrade in performance of carbon wheels and dropping some weight, overall I’m happy spending the money.


thanks everyone for the input , - does anyone have any thoughts on carbon rims, DT Swiss, or Rovals?? - id love a pair of ENVE 's but they are a bridge too far for me. - are there any obvious sets im missing

I did a bunch of research on different carbon wheel options a couple years ago and ended up going with Nox. At the time, they seemed to strike a good balance between the cheap ebay stuff and the big name brands. I’ve never had an issue with mine and I’ve banged them around pretty good. There might be better options now, I haven’t really done any research since I bought them.