2022 Scott Spark

My LBS is in NJ…but it seems the RC models are not in this delivery window. Only the 900s are being shipped.


I read where the alloy wheels are 1850g. Going to a 1300g set would eliminate the majority of that weight gain

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The US is getting 200 model year 2022 Spark RCs for the entire country! That’s it, no more 2022 models will ship to the US. Ugh, this bike in the size and configuration you want will be next to impossible to find. :cry:

What, that’s nuts. 200 max for this calendar year, or even longer?

Not really…

  • massive shortages of components still exist.
  • Scott isn’t really a major player in the US market
  • You’d be surprised at how few high end bikes actually sell in the marketplace overall.

Depends on who you ask. Generally speaking I like putting newer riders on a bike a bit more “safe” than “aggressive”. In this situation, I’d choose a more “Downcountry” bike like the 900 vs the more “XC Race” bike like the RC version.

I like having a new rider with a bike under them that can cover up and handle mistakes a bit better than a more race oriented bike with steeper angles and less suspension. Others have voiced the opposite thoughts in other threads when this basic topic came up.

In reality, if we are comparing bikes like the 900/RC or the Epic/Evo, etc. you are talking about relatively minor differences overall. It’s different at that level than a bigger step like old XC vs Trail selection we had before these newer Downcountry bikes filled the space between them.

You probably can’t go wrong with either, and consideration about exactly what you want from a bike will lead into a specific direction. Like a desire to race shorter stuff vs longer stuff (RC), or a pure focus on a snappy trail bike that can be raced on occasion (900).


To be honest with you, I’d say the RC is the better bike if you have any plans to race XC.

As Chad says, it’s great to go to something capable. Both these bikes are, but as a very fit road cyclist (assumption here) you may be more inclined to go fast on intermediate trails than start hucking your way down advanced ones.

I bought the 2021 910 and shortened the forks to 120mm and it’s a fantastic compromise. You could do that to the 2022 900 series as well but I don’t know that it’s worth it when you can get the 120mm travel from the RC off the bat.

It more comes down to the terrain you want to ride, and perhaps future racing intentions. Either would be excellent bikes, but slightly different riding styles.



Nino wins worlds and confirms the 2022 Spark RC is still a XC race bike… and here I thought it was the rider that wins races.


Definately the bike! Hope to get mine later this year ready to crush next year’s worlds on my 250W FTP :joy:


Just drove past my dealer and they’ve got the RC Team Issue AXS as a demo bike. Ofcourse I’m totally unbiased, but my god what a gorgious looking bike. Photo’s don’t do it justice imo. Looks stupid fast.

I guess I know where I’m gonna be hanging out come tuesday :smiley:

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Small dealer update:

  • Had a detailed look at the RC Team Issue AXS demo bike. Looks and feels amazing. Not able to do a testride, because the bike was already sold. Only point of concern is the location where the cables enter the steerer tube. That’s not properly sealed up so water/dirt can get in. Scott really should’ve thought of a better solution. Only option now is to plug the holes or tape it shut which sucks imo. No dealbreaker ofc, but something to be mindfull of.
  • The whole of BeNeLux (Belgium, Netherlands and Luxemburg) is only going to receive 150 bikes and it is currently unknown when more bikes will become available.
  • My dealer is only going to receive 8 bikes and those have already been sold. Luckely my bike is amongst those 8. They should receive an update on delivery times on those bikes in the coming 2 weeks as the Scott rep is currently on holiday.