2020 XC Bike Thread

Since the other user bike thread is 99% road bikes, can we start one for mountain bikes?

I’ll start it off, just finished building up my 2020 Scott scale 930 for this season.

Fork: fox rhythm 32 100mm (this may get upgraded)
Wheels: Stans crest mk3 w/dt Swiss hubs
Drivetrain: Shimano xt m8000
Cassette: sram X1 10-42
Chain: kmc x11sl
Crank: next sl
Chainring: 30t absolute black oval
Brakes: xtr race m9000
Saddle: bontrager Montrose elite
Seatpost: enve twin bolt
Handlebar: enve m5 720mm
Stem: enve m60 85mm
Grips: wolftooth silicon
Tires: maxxis aspen 2.25 exo
Pedals: xtr race m9000

Weight: 20.1 lb with no pedals.


May as well post this here!

I’m going for a 120mm XC bike for marathon racing, XC and a bit more fun time on trails and getting out of my comfort zone.

I’ve got it down to an Orbea OIz.

My question is, is the M20 TR version (£3400) £800 better than the equivalent H10.

Difference is, carbon frame vs alloy- but they are both stunning, and I don’t think weight is hugely different. It has an X01 cage instead of GX too.

Anyone ridden them? Anyone got exact weights? Hard to find on the internet.


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Looks like the M20 gives you carbon frame, XO1 derailleur and XO1 carbon cranks with a 34 tooth chainring instead of 32. Maybe 200-400 grams in total lighter if I’m guessing. Personally I’d go with the carbon frame and eventually upgrade the shifter and wheelset. Then again, I wouldn’t recommend 120mm for XCM or XCO. I have a Scott Spark RC 900 WC with 100 mm f/r and I use that bike for everything. Which is typically partially locked out (traction control) with only 80mm f/r.


I think the Oiz has remote lockouts for shock and fork, and weighs in the ~24-25lb range. So can’t see how you’d be at much disadvantage vs. a 100mm travel bike for XC races.

Plus @Zissou says he want to have some fun on the trails.

The Oiz seems like a great bike do both.


I’m just building up my first legit XC bike (setup very aggressively) after racing enduro and DH for years and years:
Frame: Santa Cruz Blur CC - XL
Fork: 2020 SID Ultimate 120 mm
Wheels: DT XM1501 25 mm
Tires: Dissector/Minion SS (for Downieville), Dual 2.25 Aspens in Exo/TR for other planned races this summer
Bars: 10mm Rise Renthal Fatbar Carbon trimmed to 770 mm
Stem: Renthal Apex
Derailleur: GX Eagle
Shifter: GX Eagle
Cassette: E13 9-46t
Crankset: XTR m9020 w/Stages R side power
Brakes: XTR m9020 2 pots
Seatpost: 170 mm Fox Transfer Elite
Seat: Specialized Phenom Expert

I’ll post a few pictures once I finish putting it all together


I have a '19 Oiz M10 TR. Comes in at 25 lbs +/- depending on wheelset in XL size. 24 lbs 13 ox exactly with my Enve M25s, Maxxis Aspen tires, sealant, bottle cages and XT pedals.

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Canyon Exceed SLX 9.0

100mm Rockshock World Cup forks
DT Swiss Carbon wheels
SRAM X01 Eagle Drivetrain
Maxxis Rekon Race and Ikon tyres
Eggbeater pedals.

Under 21lbs with bottle cages and pedals.


These svelte bike weights are making me feel like I’m more down, than up - country. Subscribe to Pinkbike for clarity on that one.

I picked up a C version of a Santa Cruz Blur frame on a very good deal and built it up with the new XTR, RF Next SL wheels, carbon everything, a Fox 34 SC, and dropper. It’s probably 27 lbs with race tires. No way I could or would be willing to drop weight on this build. I guess that frame weighs significantly more than the CC version.

All that said, the bike is great and the new versions are just different paint schemes. I’ve never been a SC fan but this particular bike is going in my all time favorite list for sure.

I’m really going out on a limb here but I’m surmising that Ibis might be developing a 100mm XC bike with rowdier geometry. Imagine if their Ripley maintained similar geo got slightly slimmer and kept that famous Ibis pedaling characteristic? Until then…

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Well here i go.

Frame: storck rebel nine. Its an old model but still rocks
Handlebar and stem: 3T.
Seatpost: kore light. Looks like a steel seatpost with no paint but its really light
Saddle: fizik gobi
Drivetrain: shimano xt shifter, RD and cogs, all 12 speed. Cranks are shimano xtr 9020 with power meter left side.
Rims are stans arch ex coz i’m a heavy rider. (around 70 - 75 kilos)
Hubs are dt swiss 240s
Fork: magura which i dont know the model is lol but it plays really good. Might upgrade this one to a more recent fork.

All weighs in at around 22 lbs. A bit heavy but it can get the job done. Might upgrade to a full suspension soon if i have thr money.

Haha, I’m in the same boat here racing XCM on my short travel trail bike. It’s light for what it is, but it’ll never be XC race bike light.

Yeah, I heard a rumor that Ibis’s Carbon 831 lab (their US-based carbon manufacturing) are working on something along those lines. If that ends up being true, that very well may be my next bike. I’m certainly intrigued by what they might do on that front.

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Yeah I’d have to agree. I’ve been an Ibis fan for awhile. I’ve had a few of their drop bar bikes and the first generation Ripley. That Ripley was super crisp in the pedaling dept. would love to see what they would do with a new school XC weapon.

Have you seen the new ibis xc bike? Looks really nice for the low price.

What model are we talking here? DV9 has been out for a while. Have they announced something these past days? Haven’t found anything on pinkbike or elsewhere.

Yes, the dv9. Great bike for a great price. Modern xc geo

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Reposting my 2020 scale because I added a raceface power meter, a fox dropper, and a fox SC 32 fork. All that’s left is carbon wheels and it’ll be my dream bike. Can’t decide between Stan’s crests cb7 or light bicycle


I would have been ok with you leaving that part out :star_struck:


This will be my 2nd year on my custom Funk bike. I originally built it as a trail / race bike with 35mm rims, 29x2.6 tires, next R cranks, and fox 34sc fork. I also went with their slightly heavier frame that has clearance for 3" tires.

I’m considering converting it to more of a race bike with narrower rims and tires, but not sure if I want to spend the money. I can drop close to 1 pound of rotating weight though, so it’s tempting.

Here it is with 2.6 XR2 tires ready to ride.


Full suspension ti bikes are what dreams are made of :heart_eyes:


Yeah, there’s just something special about metal frames that you don’t get with carbon.

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How’s the Cinch power meter so far?