2022 Scott Spark

I have a 2023 Spark RC frameset on order, expected this May. I can comment in a few months. I’ve been waiting to update my 2018 Spark RC and was finally able to get one.


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I was planning (end 2021) to get a frameset too… but really the price was just too much… and I can understand that they spec the frameset with a nice fork that matches the rear shock and the 3 mode twin lock. I also get the include the integrated bars… but why do they include a seat post and a saddle… give people a choice for a dropper or a light weight carbon post and let them choose a saddle for their custom build… I really don’t get it…

Anyway, still really happy with the RC Team I got (upgraded the wheels and bars, added a dropper.
But do check your headset cups… the RC’s are supposed to come with the angle cups on 67.2, but mine and another local here (and saw a few posts online) got them on 66.0. For the flat local tracks with a lot of quick turns in Holland 67.2 feels a little bit better. (but on the other hand, I never suspected the HTA to be 66 :smiley: )

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I’ve been thinking about it. But my 2020 spark rc world cup with 120 fox stepcast, fox sl dropper, and current wheels have made it hard for me to get the new one. I like the way it rides and feels. Eventually I may get the new one if I think the market come spring is still looking good to sell my current spark

Which HTA did you find “better” for XCM?

Did Belgium marathon a few months ago (raid des haute Fagnes) with 67.2 which was fine. Some technical descents, but nothing enduro like.

Did find a crack around the bottom bracket… hopefully the warranty process will be ok…