2022 Scott Spark

Looks like those price hikes for the higher end models pulled em back in line with the Euro price conversion. Previously it made no sence that a bike cost more in Euro compared to USD.

New bike pricing has become ridiculous. I was going to pull the trigger on the Spark, but I wanted the HMX frame and the price of those bikes seems to have increased by $1,000 from already high pricing. I’m out. Might as well wait for Shimano to come up with a response to Sram’s AXS.

Shimano is a joke…you’ll be waiting 5 years for Shimano. How many years before the new Dura Ace is available to buy? How many competitive years do you have left?

You assume that I had competitive years to start with.


Its only 160g (0.35 lbs) difference for the 2022 model. I want the lightest bike as well, but if I was chasing grams a 120/120mm bike wouldn’t be on my list to begin with. I wouldn’t let those 160g affect your buying choice. With the money saved forgoing the HMX you can easily make up the grams with components, wheels, etc.

  • HMX - 1990g
  • HMF - 2150g

Shimano has to have a serious issue since they couldn’t release dura ace during the TDF. I wouldn’t get my hopes up for di2 XTR. If it was close to market we probably would of seen some prototypes on pro bikes.

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Everyone has a serious issue right now….SRAM, Shimano, Campag, FSA….hell, you can’t even find Rotor stuff.

“Would have” or “would’ve”. There is no such phrase as “would of”.

( sorry, pet peeve. :wink:)

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That is a good point. I also wanted XO1 AXS which the World Cup version has (and HMX frame). I guess I can get a similar result with the Pro XTR version and change rear derailleur to XO1 AXS. Just not sure about the complexity of replacing the shifter with Scott’s cockpit…

I’m getting the Pro and swapping all Shimano for XX1 AXS and Sram brakes. I already have the Sram stuff all on my current bike, 2018 Spark RC 900 WC, so I’ll just put all the Shimano gear on my 2018 and sell it. AXS is really easy to set up.

There is a half kilo difference in weight between the World Cup and the Pro. There must be something other than the HMX/HMF frame weight differential that contributes to the difference. Is the Pro wheelset carbon or alloy? I don’t know Syncros wheels and their website doesn’t seem to show this particular wheelset.

Are you keeping the dropper that will come with the Pro or switching to AXS?

I’m keeping the dropper that comes with it. I have my own wheel set so I’m not using what comes on the Pro. Not only is the AXS dropper too heavy but it doesn’t work well with a TwinLock at the handlebars.

Pro wheels are alloy so that’s probably a large part of the weight difference.

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Just dropped by my local dealer (Netherands) where I ordered my Spark. Was hoping they’d have an update. Some extra info, but no delivery date yet:

  • Update on delivery date expected in roughly 2 weeks
  • They expect to take delivery of sold bikes first, before a demo bike arrives
  • Sold bikes take precedence over bikes that are ordered, but not sold yet. This means that if dealer A has ordered a bike that is not yet sold but dealer B has actually sold the bike, the bike will be shipped to dealer B instead of A. As a result it will be very unlikely we’ll see any physically available bikes at dealers for a looong time.

I understand why, but what a tough time to buy a bike. It sucks to have to buy something you’ve never ridden. I just bought a new bike sight unseen because that’s what I was told I’d have to do if I wanted it. Luckily it’s awesome.

Ha, I have bought more bikes without a test ride than I have with a ride. 5 road/gravel bikes, 5 MTB’s, and every BMX & trials bike (6+) over the 25+ years riding. I’ve only test ridden a handful of bikes (roughly 5) before purchase. Various reasons but largely limited availability as the core reason.

I’ve only gotten burned with a “surprise” one time and am still hammering on that bike to dial it in. Generally speaking, good geometry research in light of past experience, and potentially testing similar but different bikes can help narrow down a selection. But I get the hesitation as I have dealt with it a ton from my OCD and worried ways :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s funny, now that you mention it most of my bikes have been purchased sight unseen. Having worked at a bike shop I would just EP a new bike every few years and never rode them beforehand.

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Heads up. My bike shop sent email that a limited number of Sparks in on way and will be taking orders…

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Hey if anyone gets a bike and pulls off the new twinloc lever with the newly designed dropper lever I’ll buy it.

lol. I don’t think I’ve ever test ridden a bike I’ve bought. With perhaps my steel frame single that replaced the same frame that I broke. But that’s only because I had the frame before.

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