2022 New Giant Release 12s Dura Ace and Ultegra: Spoiler or Misprint?

A local bike shop in Taiwan has released some info about 2022 Giant bikes in their facebook page. And the screenshots reveal shimano new groupset will be 12 speed if they are not mistaken.


Yeah, 12s on DA at least, and more covered here.

The new 12-speed DuraAce groupset is the worst kept secret in the industry. Some of the “leaks” aren’t all that accidental, I’m sure, since Shimano is quite behind when it comes to 12-speed drop bar group sets. Even on the MTB side, I think their Di2 stuff is still 11 speed, too.

If local, give them a call and ask. I am in Taipei, but that shop is on the other side of town and far from me (~10km) :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:. Are you also in Taipei?

Are we not gonna talk about how ugly and poorly set-up that bike is?

From the horrible bar / brifter transition, the bulbous stem and the seat height that is too tall for the Jolly Green Giant….holy hell, that looks absolutely awful!!!

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:rofl: :joy: :rofl:

I noticed the same, but what caught my eye was what appears to be the removal of valve stems via photoshop :man_shrugging:

Isn’t the OP pic weird though?
Shimano cranks and levers, sram wireless mechs and even a flat top looking chain?

Hard to tell looking at the chain wether it’s a flat top because the chain wraps around the big chain ring but then doesn’t line up with the rest of the chain. Terrible photoshop job. The derailleurs look an awful lot like Sram.

Think they didn’t want to cut the seatpost for the pic. Also looks like there’s no bar tape.

This is the best bit! :joy: