2021 What are you watching/reading/listening to thread

Lockdown means we are watching way to much TV in my house. Usually I would save stuff for the trainer but that has not been happening lately.

So, what are you all watching these days?

Something interesting or at least distracting but not terribly difficult for tempo and sweetspot stuff?

I usually rewatch old shows I have seen 10 times for intervals cause it does not matter if i mentaly black out mid set but they took away west wing from netflix this month.

I may have to switch to an audiobook or something. I just hate when I space out cause the workout is hard and have to try to rewind to pick up what i missed.

The all or nothing series on Amazon prime is good. They follow some pro sports team through a season.


I will give it a look. I am a couple episodes into the netflix Last Dance about the jordan era bulls. I am very much not a basketball fan but I was a teenager for that team and somehow its holding my attention none the less.


Wife and I just got into It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. As Philadelphians ourselves it’s kind of a shame it took this long. All that’s left is to go to Paddy’s on south street and order some warm milk


watching clone wars for the first time, only allowing myself to watch while on trainer though as motivation

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I love cyclocross for interval sessions. I can pay attention during the rest intervals, and zone out during the intense parts but still have the commentators filling me in in the background. The loop after loop nature of the race means I don’t feel like I’m missing much if I don’t pay attention for 8 minutes or whatever.

GCN race pass at $10/month is working for me right now. I’ll cancel after CX season.

Off the bike, I’m reading.


If you haven’t watched The Queen’s Gambit yet, it’s a must watch, although it’s so good you might want to reserve that for off the bike. I’m in a bit of a lull at the moment, but I really enjoy Great British Baking Show for the trainer, as it’s not a huge deal if you miss something, and it’s weirdly addictive. I will also pull up podcasts, bonus if they release video along with it, this is my standard.


Your Honor
The Crown
Queen’s Gambit
Grand Tour Madagascar

This is what I watched on my last long ride and it made me angry and sad. The final 10 years of the original presenters on top gear was some of the best TV ever made. How did they get from that to this garbage. They were all searching for the ÂŁ100,000,000 when clarkson already found it from Amazon and has given up on bothering to make entertaining TV.

Adding always sunny and british baking to the list to try. Queens Gambit was great, wife and i watched that not on the trainer. I will give the cross races a try. Can you watch from the beginning of the season or do you have to pick up in the middle? I dont know any of the names/teams/etc so i would be starting a bit blind.

If you could buy the original BBC topgear for some reasonable price on any streaming service I would probably do so and watch that for lots of workouts. Its mentally easy, its loud blowing stuff up action to distract your mind from the 15th minute of threshold, perfect.

Early morning, on the trainer is my TV time. My last few months have been Narcos and Vikings.

Left field but 2021 America’s cup races (before Christmas) on youtube. They start again mid Jan

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Somewhat agree. It’s not terrible, but it is nowhere near their peak performances of old. And if you are looking to kill a long z2 ride on the trainer its not a bad way to do it.

Family time during the holidays:

  • The Flight Attendant (loved it)
  • Queen’s Gambit (loved it)
  • finish catching up on Yellowstone
  • Office Christmas Party on repeat (“you can’t keep Walter Davis down forever baby!”)

On my list of things to watch / have started:

  • Schitt’s Creek (5 episodes in)
  • Your Honor
  • Defending Jacob
  • Yellowstone

Recently completed:

  • Ted Lasso (loved it)
  • The Boys S2 (held up well to S1)
  • Mr. Mercedes S1 (not bad…big Stephen King fan so needed to watch it)
  • Queen’s Gambit (awesome)

But I am switching over to SSBHV this week, so any viewing options on the trainer will be limited now…up to tempo, I am OK with watching stuff. SS and above, I go for music.

The new boats are something else…I got into the AC back in the 12 Meter days. Lived in Newport during the 1980 Challenge and it was awesome to see the boats (and one race) in person. We used to ride our bikes down to the docks and walk around, looking at the boats. You coudl walk right up to them and no one said anything. I even stepped on board a couple without a peep…imagine doing that today!! :rofl:

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Absolutely incredible. TV makes them look slow until you see the chase boats with 3 huge outboards struggling to keep up :open_mouth:


Capable of speeds up to 50 knots…highgest recorded speed so far, 49.1 knots.

I can’t even process that…let alone how a 75ft monohull boat can fly.

And we think bike aerodynamics are complicated…imagine trying to design the hydrodynamics of these things!!

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You can replay all the races they carried from the beginning of the season. Some races (World Cups) aren’t on GCN in the US due to broadcast rights.

Starting blind is fine. Cross is basically an individual sport so you’ll quickly learn the names of the top racers.

I watched this on my ride this morning. (mainly as I’m UK)

Apparently they (NZ) can change the entire profile of the sail (top different from the bottom depending on conditions), crazy.


Is there a ridiculously expensive sport that Ineos is not involved in? Cycling, F1 and America’s Cup…and all at the same time!


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They say the fasted way to become a millionaire in motorsports is to start out a billionaire.