2021 Epic BRAIN Shock Swap

I have replaced the BRAIN damper in the forks on my 2021 Epic. So far I really like the fork without the BRAIN damper, especially since the BRAIN damper broke and limited my fork to 50% travel.

Now the brain in the shock is acting up and is knocking all of the time even with the fade adjusted all the way off. Probably needs service, but honestly I would just like to dump it.

I know about switching out the rear triangle with an EVO triangle, but I really don’t want to do this mainly because I have the Speed of Light collection frame.

Right now BileYoke doesn’t make an aftermarket yoke for the 2021 Epic.

So it looks like the yoke on the RockShox BRAIN shock is threaded into the shaft. Is it indeed threaded and can you remove the yoke from the shaft? It also appears that on the normal shocks the eyelet piece is threaded into the shaft, so maybe the eyelet can be removed. Then could you put the yoke from the BRAIN shock into the shaft of the regular shock?

That would be awesome if it was possible, but I am not sure if that is the case. Does anyone here know if the yoke and eyelet can be removed from the shafts of each of the RockShox shocks?


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The Yoke by Bikeyoke is soon availible. I have the first prototype.
You can see it at here at the Bikeyoke Post

Which shock are you running with the yoke? And thank you for updating this post.

Sid luxe ultimate 210x50

Thank you for the information. Hopefully the yoke will be available soon.