Specialized mtb brain

my brain is broken. are there other options for repair other than local shops? i dont have a local shop and i just walked out of the localest shop where i bought the bike very unimpressed.

Local shops just take off and ship to Specialized. Brain service is not something an LBS can do in house unless big investment in tooling and oil baths and nitrogen tanks.

Risse Racing does Brain rebuilds so you can remove yourself and ship to them.

Depending on model of frame, you can also consider ditching the brain completely and buy an aftermarket yoke and non-brain rear shock. Dirt Labs and a few others offer aftermarket yokes. Brain Fork replacement also easy (except for parting with the money).

Full disclosure, have an Epic S-Works and love it. When the Brain platform is working well it’s absolutely great. But would never buy Spec Brain again because of both longevity and service cost issues.

Good luck and hope those pointers are helpful.

If need more info, MTBR has long threads on Brain parts.


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