Can I modify an Epic into an Epic Evo?

I have a 2018 epic s-works. After riding some slightly longer travel bikes I’m wanting to go in that direction. For my riding (outside of Philadelphia, steep and rocky) I think it might be a good fit.
Can I get a new fork and rear shock and make my epic into an evo? Are the frames the same geometry?
Should I?
I have been looking around and I don’t think I’ll get too much for my bike on the resale market, so making a swap will be costly.
I don’t actually like the brain so not sad about ditching that.
Looking for advice, thanks!

I don’t think the 2018 Epic is the same, is it?

I don’t follow Spesh closely, but you can’t change your current bike to the new Evo. You can make it more trail-ish.

Be aware though, sometimes just changing HTA by over forking, even if you can change the rear a little, may disturb the handling in ways you can’t compensate for in bar/stem etc.

You are not going to be able to fit a new shock in there without replacing the rear triangle.

You’ll need this. Specialized epic chainstay

Plus a yoke, bolt kit, shock and fork. Probably close to $2K to do right. You might find cheaper parts.

I gave up and bought a yeti sb115 frame used.

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I’m in Philly too.
Are you thinking Lehigh, Mt. Penn, Birdsboro, French Creek, Blue Mtn, etc? Or a different set of steep and rocky trails?

I ride the wissahickon a ton as I live right near there.

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If you put a 120 fork on it, you should feel more comfortable in the steeper and rockier sections of the park. Especially if you have decent tires (I really like the 2.4 Maxxis Rekons for Wiss and Belmont).

If you really want to, you could spend a lot to upgrade the rear, but I wouldn’t suggest it, regardless of where you’re riding.

If you were riding French creek and Birdsboro a lot, I would just recommend that you buy a different bike. You’d spend more to get your current epic to 120/120, when it’s better to have a 130 or 140 bike with progressive geo and 2.5 tire clearance for those areas.


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Look for de-Brain-ing threads. You might be able to add a bit more travel.