De-Braining my Epic

In lieu of servicing the Brain shock on my new-to-me 2018 Epic, I’m going to go the Bikeyoke route and fit a normal shock. I’m wondering anybody here has done this, and if so, specifically what model shock did you use? I know the dimensions I need (190x51), but Bikeyoke warns against shocks that are too fat due to frame clearance issues but doesn’t offer much guidance otherwise.

I’ve heard confirmation that the Fox Float DPS Performance shock works. But I’m also wondering if the Rockshox Monarch RL (RS8783) or Monarch RT3 (RS8786) works.

I am currently waiting for a response from Bikeyoke, but figured I’d post here anyway. However the project turns out, I’ll post my findings. :slight_smile:


I can’t offer any specialized or brain specific advice, but the new rockshox sidluxe is pretty compact.

I’ve just bought one and expect it to receive it later this week. I can measure diameters if that helps. I’ve ordered a 185x47.5

The closest SID dimensions are 190x45. It would work but I’d be giving up about 10mm of travel.

Ah! That’s a shame. I’m relatively new to MTB and couldn’t believe how many different shock lengths there are and the whole imperial to metric thing!

This thread on MTBR confirms that a Rockshox Monarch RL fits (on a size L anyway). I’m going to try to find dimensions on the Monarch RT3 as well and see if they’re the same.

OK, this project is complete! I went with a Rockshox Monarch RL and mounted it backwards just to be sure the fat part of the can didn’t rub the top tube at full compression.

I also upgraded the stock Reba fork with a Charger RLC damper. A short test ride that was ended by a flat tire had everything working great! I’ll try to get a little test and tune ride in this weekend and post a picture of it.




Jesse_v, were you ever able to find if the Monarch RT3 works as well?

No, I could not find any confirmation on whether it would fit. At the time I had the opportunity to buy a Monarch RL so I just went for it.