Replacement bolts for suspension linkage

I’m wondering if anyone has advice to repair my suspension linkage on a 2018 specialized epic. Somehow while I was riding the bolt(s?) came off. Or something. It’s super embarrassing but I’m guessing they were loose and I hadn’t checked them in a long time.
Anyway I guess I’m wondering if anyone knows of a super quick replacement option that I could source today so I can ride tomorrow instead of ordering the bolt kit from specialized or an online seller? Like are there bolts at a hardware store that will solve this for me?

Specialized dealer is your best bet. Or try to find a parts diagram to see exactly what bongs there in the first place. I doubt you will be able to bodge from general hardware.

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A metric cap screw and a nylock bolt, oh and a couple of washers should work. If you have calipers, measure the diameter, and the width (adding enough for the bolt and washers) and you should be good. A standard cap screw should hold it until you can get it at the dealer. Just careful not to go too long as it won’t be pleasant. (You aren’t going to find the kind of bolt Specialized used on that joint at a big box store)

Places like Menards and Lowes seem (to me) to have the better selection of ‘weird’ bolts. Good luck…

Actually what is that near? It’s a little hard to tell from the picture.

It’s the lower part of the piece that bolts from both sides to the seat tube. The photo is terrible but there’s a bottle cage right to the left of it.
I went to a bike shop that pretty much said they couldn’t help me and I went to a hardware store and figure out that 8mm bolts thread well so I picked a low profile bolt and hopefully that will hold it together without damaging anything until the bolt kit set from specialized arrives on Wednesday.
I can’t imagine I lost both bolts at the same time so I must have been missing one somehow and then lost the other on my ride yesterday. Really poor bike maintenance on my part, its just something I assume is fine I guess :person_facepalming:
Thanks for the replies, I appreciate the input.

Put some loktite on the new bolts so they don’t back out. They have several different versions, so make sure you pick the right one

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