2020 World Championships BACK ON! (Updated)

Well fook…


Damn, I was planning on winning this year.

I’ve been ANNIHILATING Pettit in recent weeks.


Well the UCI is trying to find another location, so you may still get your chance @team_bunty!

“The UCI will now work towards finding an alternative project, in Europe, during the same period and with the same profile of course,” the UCI said.

In a release the UCI said a replacement event could include all or some of the originally planned races. The UCI has set a deadline of September 1 to find a new host site for the event.

I see very little chance that tis happens, however…even in normal times,it would be a logistical nightmare. In the times of COVID19, it would seem impossible.

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The difficult aspect seems to be running a series of races in the same location over a short period - but the UCI don’t have to do that … e.g. they could split women’s from men’s, split junior/U23 etc from the rest … after all, the Road Race at World Champs is essentially just another one day race and there are plenty of those going on.

Don’t kid yourself. Have you seen Froome, Bernal, van der Poel, etc. do Pettit? Simply breathtaking.

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Wow…UCI managed to find another location for Worlds this year. It is back on!!

@team_bunty, I hope you have been keeping up with your Petit-crushing training regimen!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Does anyone know how to watch this in the USA? I thought NBC Gold was supposed to carry it, but there’s nothing on their website that indicates this is true.

It says uci world championships right at the top, but the schedule doesn’t include it below. Weird.

Try the Olympic Channel.

Right on, nice catch. Hopefully it will allow me to watch the event with just the NBC Cycling package purchased.

I emailed NBC Gold about it and their response was less-than clear:

“We understand your concern, and yes the NBC Sports Gold will have the UCI world championships available.”

The response did not specify the NBC cycling package.

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NBC Sports Gold has updated their schedule and has times / dates up for Worlds, both the TT and road races.

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Olympic Channel appears to be only showing reruns from England and Switzerland.

Woooo! Another weekend of watching some great bike racing. My wife will be thrilled!


I will be watching on GCN, can’t stand the NBC announcers.

Just flipped on the womens’ TT and caught the very end (literally last 2 riders to finish).

Sounds like Chloe Dygert went down on a turn? Sucks…

ETA - just saw a replay of it. She lost control on a right hander (could have been a puncture) and flipped over the guradrail and had to abandon. Hope she is OK for the RR.

Yeah, last time check I saw she was up 35 seconds.

aaack! Hope she is ok.

Not sounding good for Chloe…images so bad no one wants to post them.

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I was watching when she crashed. Commentators seemed to think it may have been because she was trying to corner on the tt bars. But it looked like a puncture to me.
Really hope the injuries aren’t too serious, but it looked horrendous.

I’ve heard a few comments that it preliminarily looks like Taylor Phinney’s injury, hopefully it’s not that bad.