2023 UCI World Championship's (Spoilers)

Surprised there’s been no thread started or discussion. Have the racers all left the forum?

Some fantastic coverage on the UCI YT and GCN etc.


Epic track racing so far.

I love watching the TP and am excited for the Individual Pursuit tonight. Aaron Gate is in great form, Ganna is good, but definitely not his 2022 self (at least from what I’ve watched). The Danes are so freaking fast it is crazy.

I’m really, really looking forward to the MTB coverage and am hoping they will be streaming from the XCM.

For the schedule, if you want to go through and search for you preferred events.

There’s a very busy schedule and it’s a long stream to sift through with the Para racing mixed throughout.

Not much love for the worlds road race tomorrow, eh?

Despite justified criticisms of the route, I kinda like the idea of it, which is total attrition. IMHO today’s junior races were good.

Some have argued it’s a 140k crit with 130k prefatiguing as though it’s solely a bad thing. I think the route is brutal: about 40 corners per lap to sprint away from, 10 laps…

If the junior races are anything to go by, a handful of survivors will duke it out, unless of course someone like Evenepoel goes long. Either way, controlling the race during the latter stages is very hard, ditto organised chase, etc.

Should be a good one. Would welcome someone like van Baarle or Asgreen sneaking away instead of the red hot favorites.


I’m definitely excited for the men’s road race. I watched a brief part of the Junior race and it looked exciting. The clip of MVdP jamming up one of the streets is super impressive.

I’ve got to get through the Men’s IP Qualification first but will be very pleased to have the road race for the trainer tomorrow morning.

Doesn’t look like I can find any XCM coverage, but I’m ever hopeful as the coverage just seems to pop up into my feed sometimes.

We’ve got an U23 rider (Sammie Maxwell) racing the Elite Women’s who is an absolute upcoming star. No one in the men’s field so I’ll be rooting for @AlexWild to take over Sam Haze’s rainbow stripes.

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I’ve been following a few things. A couple of semi-local racers (pilot/stoker) won 5th in their paracycling race - super super super exciting!!!

Watch the finals of the women’s pursuit- domination by Chloe Dygert

Katie Archibold is an absolute monster in the endurance track. She’s the Fillipo Ganna of the women’s track cycling. Though the British women’s team were super strong throughout this year too

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Currently in a hotel right at the bottom of Montrose St (THAT climb on the RR course). It’s been used in the courses for the commonwealth games and the euro champs. It’s short enough to look easy from the bottom but steep enough that it takes a bit of your soul each time. I predict some tired folk today


Haha, awesome!

So the Men’s Road Race is interrupted due to protesters currently.

If you’re in to coffee, check out Spitfire Espresso!

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We were discussing it some on the pro cycling thread but not a ton. I think the timing this year is mostly to blame. Too close to the TdF and we still have another GT coming up soon versus when it’s out mostly on its own in the calendar.

This circuit is crazy though. Can’t imagine doing a crit circuit for ~150km.

Is it acceptable to attack through the feed zone if it’s part of a loop? Each lap someone’s going off when others are grabbing a bidon

This has read like an amazing race for a while. By the time it’s available for replay I may be over it.

Hoping Mathieu van der Poel still makes it after his crash. He seems to have animated the race along the way.

Yeah, likely so. Was just wondering the lack of pre race posts during the past couple days.

Personal opinion here but monuments, WC and Olympic road races > grand tours. Today was a prime example.

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For the Olympics and WC I think it is really course dependent. This year the course favored aggressive riding as it was hard to move up / control with all the turns & short punchy climbs. Contrast this year with the year Cav won which was designed for bunch sprint - boring racing

Agree. Have traveled over from the states to catch stages of the tour in the past, and have also seen Roubaix, flanders(this year), and amstel gold. Give me a classic/monument/worlds 100 times out of 100. So exciting to watch


That was the longest and largest crit race ever…:crazy_face:

Brutally hard course despite the relative lack of climbs….constant accelerations out of every turn. I think they said there were ~50 turns per lap. The rain in the finishing laps added an extra element of stress.

MVP being able to crash and still be able to build on his lead was really impressive….no doubt who the strongest rider on the day was.

Gutted for Wout….another silver medal. He has to be getting a complex at this point. A generational talent who has the misfortune of coming to age against a better generational talent.


He was a beast today. No questions, very deserved winner.