2020 Scott Foil 20 - Help!

Dear TrainerRoad Forum,

Crossing my fingers and toes that someone out there may have bought a 2020 Scott Foil, and decided that the Syncros Creston iC SL stem & bar combo weren’t for them.

On this stem & bar combo there is a cap. Apparently the rarest cap the cycling world has ever seen. Also happens to be the cap that this peanut lost and the 16 wheels of the truck that was behind me crushed into a paste

So, in closing dear fellow forumites, if someone has this cap, or bars, or wants to steal one from their mates bike, please let me know so my stem can be complete again

Thanks in advance

it does exist though… Syncros Replacement Steerer Cap For Creston IC SL Bar/Stem Combo | Westbrook Cycles

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did it pop off while riding?

Yep… hit a small bump and away it went