2020 Gen CANYONs

I love my rim brake Aeroad! I’m not sure how much better a new generation could be and I doubt you can get more bang for your buck. Although I’m sure the marketing hype will blow it out of proportion.


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I’m pretty sure the next Aeroad will cut aerodynamic drag so significantly that it’ll save you 2-3 minutes over a 400k TT.


Wow… that could be the difference between 36th and 37th in my age group at the next 400k race I do!



Man stop making jokes, hidden cables LOOKS fast and pretty and clean and I NEED IT :grin:


Ha. Had to read this one twice to get it. My kind of subtle humor.


New CFR… it is really strange to see the bike in this price-range without full cable integration (I am not saying it is bad or good, just saying):


Eeeeeugh… so… this is it? 2020 Gen Ultimate? Are they serious? Okey, this is an “ultra ww” version, Dura Di2 doesn´t have this, but…

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Okey, so if this is the only new Ultimate for this year (and I highly doubt they will show off a Racing Team top model and from a “japanese army” carbon marketing bullshit and just after come out with a “normal” Ultimate made more aero (hidden cables, dropped seat stays). So it seems I will be left dissapointed and look elsewhere :pleading_face:

Do you guys think this updated ultimate tells us anything about the much anticipated aeroad launch?

First races are allready behind, new Ultimate with arrival dates… in my humble opinion all we can guess is that they still did not find a solution to the technical problem with Aeroad :frowning:

No, still 95% sure that new Aeroad will have cable-free front end, based both on the video posted above and the bike that MVDP was seen on.

I think this just means that Canyon are going to continue down the road of having an aero bike and a climbing/classic bike, instead of a single quiver bike. Or maybe another way of looking at is that the Aeroad is their single quiver bike, since it’s already considered very compliant for an aero bike, and is light enough to be built up within the UCI limit if needed (there’s a stock Aeroad option at 6.8kg). So if you want one bike to rule them all (from Canyon), get the Aeroad. If you don’t care about UCI rules and want a superlight bike get an Ultimate. Or more commonly, if you’re not going to race or if performance isn’t the be all and end all, get an Ultimate. Since at any given pricepoint it’s likely to offer better components, lower weight and less complexity than the Aeroad.

Yeah interesting from Canyon own video for CFR they show an Aeroad.

That’s the new/unreleased model, correct?

judging by the Canyon website they have none of the Ultimate CFR framesets available until January in any case…unless you want the XS or XL version. Unless they have already sold out already.

Spotted the new Aeroad at Dauphine’s stage 1 - ridden by Barguil https://mobile.twitter.com/nico_nso/status/1293516766107312129


Looks like the new Aeroad in the most recent promotional email…looks good to me!


It definitely looks like a nice bike but I am not convinced about that beefy design in the rear hub axle

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In any case we can all agree I think on the fact that the new Aeroad is the worst kept secret EVER :joy:


Hope Canyon have rim break model, not holding my breath tho.


I’m afraid the chances of that happening are 0%.

If anything you might want to hold out for the new Propel. It might the only new aero bike to be launched rim brakes but it’s still highly unlikely.