2021 TR User Race Results

This is where you break down, discuss, and humbly brag about your race results for 2021. I’ll go first.

The last time I actually signed up for a race longer than an hour was in 2018. It’s been a long time. This year it was the Le Grand Du Nord, a gravel race in Grand Marais, MN. Excellent conditions and a tough field of 260 made for a challenging race. I’ve finished 4th and 4th in previous editions so a podium was my goal. Really, I wanted to win it.

I made the selection of 6 at mile 6 and we widdled that down to just 4 after 10 miles. Our lead group ended up picking up two riders that started in an earlier wave. It was a very tough race and I felt really good all day long. I made a tactical error with about 2.5-3 miles to go and put in an effort, but was hit by a one-two punch by the eventual 1, 2 finishers (who were teammates) which solidified the lead. I ended up finishing 3rd, just 28 seconds back.

Oh well. I set a ton of power PRs. Such a fun day out.

5-min power (NP): 407w
10-min power (NP): 379w
20-min power (NP): 373w
60-min power (NP): 344w


I’m all about some process goals, and I get the bulk of the forum is about that sort of thing, but why didn’t this thread take off? I’d like to see more race results here. I just did a gravel race this weekend and I’m proud of myself for taking 5 minutes off the last time I did it in 2019. I had better fitness in 2019 but rode smarter and had a better time this year.

Without getting into the power number weeds (nothing sparkly to show there any way) I found the following things very helpful for me:

  • Riding the start better, not chasing groups I don’t need to be in, the mantra being, “I want to feel good at hour 3”
  • Fueling was almost perfect. I consumed 6 100 calorie gels in the 3:17 race time
  • Hydration was a little challenge as I chose my mountain bike and it only has one cage, that made me stop more often for water than my competitors
  • sag climbing works - I employed that technique on almost every climb of the race and I couldn’t believe how well it worked. I maintained contact with the group I was in and only lost them at the very end where I just didn’t have the volume in my legs at that point.
  • For averaging as little time on my bike this summer as I did, I rode really really well and I’m proud of myself for a top 20 in the masters field with a race as stacked as this one.

19th Men’s Masters - 2021 Dirt Diggler.

I’m glad I raced it. I went into it pretty tired from a tough work week and poor sleep so I wasn’t on my best day for sure. This lit a fire for a mountain bike race I’m signed up for in November which gives me an “adequate” 7+ weeks to prepare for. There’s going to be some friendly competition in my workplace as several of us are signed up for it and it will be very difficult for me to best them all!


Awesome to hear that you made changes and it worked out for you, that’s such a rewarding feeling when you execute a plan—good job!


2 months out from a race I have targeted for a few years I decided to give Adaptive training a whirl. I had taken kind of a long break from training seriously during the summer, lost the gusto, but after participating in that gravel race above I felt the fire again and wanted to refocus on what I love, back country mountain bike racing.

Luckily after years of race experience I’ve learned what does and doesn’t work, so I dialed in my fueling both on and off the bike, tapered as best as I could and came into the event excited and ready for fun.

After a short and exciting time in the lead, I settled into the third position in the first single track section, then passed a rider on a shorter descent into second. Next section was a couple miles of pavement before a gentle gravel climb where I knew things would neutralize, they did, and I let the strongest rider pull us into the first real climb of the day (he was happy to!). Four of us rode briefly together until a selection was determined and I had to settle into fourth to avoid risking blowing up. After a long double track climb I was able to keep third in sight and in check. We started the next single track section with a quick hike a bike and then some slow technical climbing. He was riding strong enough and I was pacing myself well - I knew it was too early to ride in front. Finally at the very last technical climb before a long and tricky rocky descent I was able to take full advantage of my co-racers mistake. I passed on the uphill to take a clean look at the leaf covered terrain.

At the last Aid station I needed to quickly regroup and grab water, took on some fuel and some endurolytes but heard my competitor just a couple hundred yards back. I made a choice to dig in and hope that my pacing earlier in my race would serve me well here. Luckily it did and I was able to create more space before him and myself before the last descent toward the finish. I descended safely looking for the next rider but they had both put enough time on the climbs to hold me off on the downhills.

Finished at 3rd over all and 2nd in masters. TR outdoor focused plan and supplemental training rides really helped prepare me in a short amount of time. Very happy with the result and an extra stoked as it’s the first time I’ve raced mountain bikes in two years. Got that fire lit again! Thank you TR!


Way to go. Podiums always feel nice!

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