2018 - Tell about your A race and how did you prepare to it

Hi All, Starting this thread so we can share how we used TR towards our A races this year, how did you feel about it and results/take aways.

This is my year recap:
“A” race #1 - Ironman TEXAS - 10h 58min(1h05min / 4h45min / 4h 57min)
“B” Race - Ironman Texas 70.3 - 4h 52min(31min / 2h33min / 1h41min)
Plan followed: triathlon full distance base(low volume), build and specialty(mid volume) for bike and run. Masters Swim for swim.
Felt really good and prepared for the race. Going sub5 on the warm up race was really motivating. Although I was able to get a good bike split on my A race I wasn’t happy at all with my run. Bonked due to low sodium on nutrition and I probably pushed a bit too hard on the bike.

One month “break”

“A” race #2 - IMWaco 70.3 - 4h 24min(no swim/2h 26min/1h 54min)
“B” races - 1 local sprint and 2 local Olympic races
Plan followed: Triathlon half distance mid volume(base, build specialty) for bike and run. Masters swim for swim
Got some good results on the B races finishing on the top 5% overall on all of them and also making to one AG podium. For the A race I got my highest normalized power ever without hitting the wall on the run. I was, again, pleased with the results although I think my power was too high for the average speed so I’ve been looking for ways to become more aero/better fit for the next season.

What about your season?