2000ish Mazocchi Bomber info

Trying to get some more info on the forks on my brother-in-law’s 2000 Kona Roast.

They are Marzocchi Bombers and say ‘Long Travel’ on them.

Are they coil, air or otherwise? Have looked at some online manuals but can’t find the right model.

Based on a quick google search it looks like the 2000 Kona Roast came with a Marzocchi Bomber Z-5 fork. It looks like it might be an air spring but if you look at the top of each stanchion there will be a cover on one leg that might say preload (that would mean its a coil) or it might screw off to reveal a schrader valve (that would make it an air spring.

I found this manual for the 1999 Marzocchi Z5: https://d9i5ve8f04qxt.cloudfront.net/RWC/1832/resources/oe-fork-manuals/pdfs/mz/99z5_fd.pdf

You could contact Marzocchi and they may be able to help you find a serial number or something to help identify them and they would probably have the correct manual or documentation

In the first picture, on the leg below long travel, does it say z3 or z5? It’s a little blurry and I can’t make it out. I only recall a Z3 Long Travel but am not 100% sure.

I gotta laugh at the idea that “long travel” probably meant 100 mm!!

There are some old Marzocchi manuals here that might help : https://www.enduroforkseals.com/resources/oe-fork-manuals.html

Great thanks. It isn’t the published spec, some of other bits differ from what Kona show for the model year.

I think it’s a Z3 99 spec long travel. Photo is blurry but I’ll see if can get a better one.

On top it has a preload adjuster both sides. It’s apparently squelching lots and even on full preload very soft.

Found a date stamp. 98 z3 long travel. Bit of silicone lube and some use and they have freed up nicely. Not poppy and plush like my air forks but so smooth over small bumps and roots if a bit sinky on bigger bits.

Thanks for help.

Bike is terrifying to ride!

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