Mountain Bike/Rockshox Suspension Help

Hi all,

I’m just wondering if there are any Rockshox experts out there (or even better RS/SRAM techs/mechanics) that might be able to shed some light on something for me.

I have a 2012 Rockshox SID RCT3 100mm fork that I’d really like to upgrade to 120mm (or 110mm). Is this possible, and if so, what parts are needed?

Thanks so much for any help. I am struggling so far in my searches for info.

You can google “rockshox sid 2012 service manual”. On page 14 you’ll find the process of travel adjustment and how to place the travel spacer. All you need is 20 ml forkoil.
Good luck


Thanks so much. I’ve just found it. I’ve never had mine apart myself so have no idea about the spacers. This looks like it has the potential to be a big gain for not much pain :crossed_fingers:.

Thanks again.

The install is pretty easy and you just replace the charger/dampener and replace the oil. I did it with my sid to 120 and made a huge difference in geometry and travel. I even made the hi-frequency dampening a little better. You might even be able to put the new race day dampeners in which will save you 100 grams but i think they are only backwards compatible to 2014 but could be wrong on that…good luck, watch the videos that sram and others puts out ahead of time then have it at the ready (and the pause button at the ready) and check out other videos. I consider myself a very competent mechanic yet fork rebuilds always intimated me, yet once you dig into them, take your time and make sure you have the right parts/tools its not that bad.

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