I need help identifying this suspension

Hi, my dad recently bought a used MTB bike online and want to service it for my brother but there are no indication on the suspension what model it is and what pressure it need. There is just a serial number but when I google that I can’t find anything. Thanks!

I can’t fully see the shock but it looks very short and stubby. What bike is it on - wonder if it’s a no name / own brand shock?

Bike name is Corratec Air Mutant but I don’t know the model.

Can’t tell what model or brand that is, but it looks old. Unlikely that you will be able to find service kits for it, unless it has the same seals as the current crop of rockshox/fox, which has had the same seals for ages.

Air pressure: Just add/subtract until you have about 30% sag. Then refine it to your taste.

Service: No harm in opening up the air sleeve part of the shock, clean it with some isopropyl alcohol and add fresh rockshox/fox shock oil to it and reassemble.


Had a quick Google and it’s probably quite an old bike - between 2009-2013. On those models the sites I looked at didn’t even declare what the shock is. I don’t fancy your chances of finding a service kit for it. I’d imagine if you let all the air out you can then unscrew the air can from the rest of the shock. You could just regrease / relube it if it’s not in too bad shape.

Your best bet for advice is r/bikewrench on Reddit, the collective knowledge there is immense, someone will be able to identify it PDQ.

Mantec Swinger SPV.

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Thanks @Cahoot I indeed believe it’s Mantec Swinger SPV. Cheers! :slight_smile: