20 min FTP Test using Wahoo Kickr Smart Turbo Trainer on Trainerroad

Just 2 days before, I go through 20 min trainerroad Ftp test on my wahoo kickr smart turbo indoor trainer, and I have a confusion regarding the cadence that actually affect my ftp. I was not able to ride above 90 rpm. The more I push to increase my rpm, the trainer was adjusting it to 90 rpm, on the cost of Watts. As hard as I stroke the pedal to increase the rpm, only wattages got increased, regardless of rpm.

Please anyone hear can help me out, do a favour. Really a headache!!!

Can you share the link to your workout?

Hey @Parthkarkar!

Iā€™m so sorry to hear that your 20 Minute FTP test did not go smoothly :pensive:

I am unable to find your account or email since your Forum username is not linked to your TR username, but if you could reach out to our Support Team at support@trainerroad.com, they should be able to take a deeper look at the ride in question and help you troubleshoot this issue for next time :+1:

Best of luck!

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