20-ish mile hill climb TT this spring - what's the best training plan?

I’m targeting a hill climb TT in May as one of my big goals for the year. I’d love to get on the podium, and based on previous years’ results for my category I’m looking at an effort of 40-41 minutes. Which would be the best time trial plan/progression: Olympic Triathlon or 40k TT?

Also, if anyone has tips for longer hill climbs, please share them!

I would definitely recommend the 40k TT plan over the Olympic Triathlon plan. A 20 mile TT is pretty close to a 40k TT so that would be the best plant for this. If you have time for a full training cycle, I would recommend the following progression:

  1. Sweet spot base
  2. Sustained power build
  3. 40k TT Specialty