11-32 cassette chain on a 11-28 Kickr cassette

Hello all,
I recently upgraded my bike to Etap with the 11-32 cassette (a very expensive cassette compared to Shimano). My Kickr came with a 11-28 cassette. Would it be a problem is I put my bike with a chain that is meant for a 11-32 cassette on the Kickr 11-28 cassette? Will the chain go bad fast? I really don’t want to change the Kickr cassette if I don’t have to.

I have the same setup and haven’t had an issue after 1.5yr of use.

If it really bothers you, get a cheapo 11-32 instead of the more expensive xg1190 cassette (I think thats what the expensive one is)

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Hi Westinnmcentire,
YEs, thats the one I have. So expensive, it might as well be made of silver. I hear it is made of a contiguous piece of steel block.
Anyway, glad to hear. :slight_smile: I will put my bike with the 11-32 chain on the trainer.

If you have an ERG trainer then maybe keep it in the 28 cog. Its quieter and it will keep the chain more taunt. However, I’ve also never had a problem in the smaller cogs. I do have to adjust my indexing, which is easy to do with Etap.

Thanks, Yeah, I have the Wahoo Kickr Erg trainer.

From the chain’s perspective, there is no difference between an 11-28 and 11-32 cassette until you go into the last cassette cog on 11-32.

You may have different wear patterns on your two cassettes, but that’s a separate issue than different sizes.


Understood. Thanks.

No issue

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