Trainer cassette different from wheel cassette

Quick question! Just ordered a Elite Directo XR trainer which comes with a 11-28t cassette. On the bike I have an 11-30t. Will this cause problems when swapping between trainer and outside/wheel? (I.e. will the tenison settings for the 11-30t cope with the 11-28?) Anyone have a similar set-up?

I have the same setup (maybe my road one is even a 32, I forget, I put it on 3 years ago in what feels like a lifetime ago). The chain is sized for the bigger outside cassette, and causes zero issues on the trainer when running the 28.

So you should be fine, and unless you notice an issue, I would do exactly nothing.

If you did have issues, then it’s either buy another 11-30t cassette, or switch chains … I know I’d rather buy a second cassette than swap chains (although admittedly, my road bike has only been used outside once in the past 6 months).

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I’m guessing the cassettes are both 11 speed. If that is the case, it will be fine. I have a 11-28 cassette on my Neo 2T and the bike I use has an 11-32. No problems at all.


Thanks so much guys! I was about to prematurely overcomplicate things, but now suitably reassurred!