1000 watts for one minute. Is it true?

Great, thanks. I’ll see how I can work this in to my week, appreciated.

Wise words :+1:t2:
Thanks :pray:

Hi guys. Just checked back in on this thread. Some interesting chat. I posted my first 1 minute max effort 1 week into this training block following 3 months of racing. (hate the word training. I just like riding my bike hard :joy:).

2 weeks later I’m happy to say I’ve nailed the 1000w minute without really planning to. It was the right climb/right day/good legs did it.

I’ve tried some specific workouts/rides every year to try and push this minute power after restarting cycling back in 2020 and I’ve had big gains each year. Excited to see how far the numbers can be pushed this year with more specific work. Not bothered a great deal about bw but 90.4 kg post ride yesterday.



Very impressive! What is your max HR?

I did 1000w for 2 minutes once. The catch, however, is that I’m pretty sure I was just imagining it while sitting on the couch eating butter cookies.


A certain Mr G Thomas did 730w for a minute the other day, a personal best. WvA rode away so must have done about 780w, having said that it was with thousands of kJs in the legs and the last climb if the day.

I would love to see the power data from WVA that day

What did Rob have to say about it?

Did he beat you to the KOM, top of the climb?

Around 185 max HR. Occasionally during races on the absolute limit it has spiked well over 200 but I’m not sure about that. Possibly really low on that effort due to the fact I rode at a very low intensity in the lead in to that effort. Also my Wahoo HR monitor sometimes has a bit of a delay.

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Crazy power. I imagine he pulled crazy mad wkg up the climb but the impressive thing is how quickly these guys recover and immediately ride back on the limit for another 10km whilst us mere mortals would be slumped over the bars gasping :joy:

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:joy: Rob was just wondering why I blew my load in the first 1 minute of a 3 minute climb……and neither of us got the full KOM.

I can hold 1000 watts for about 13 seconds. I am curious now, how long could I hold the 1000 watts if I tried really hard.

Impressive! Were you standing or sitting, grinding or spinning?

I tried pretty hard today and only got 1000W for 25s!

Very much standing. For me it is just trying to find a big gear I can hold for a minute.

Thanks, standing at 1019W, 83rpm for 1 minute and your heart rate didn’t climb much at all until afterwards. That is insane!

Thanks @Donoman. Take the HR with a pinch of salt though. I’ve had 1 or 2 irregularities with my HR band recently especially when training indoors. If you look at my post a couple of weeks back I would imagine it was more like that in reality.

Wouldn’t that be sort of expected? If it’s a mostly anaerobic effort, HR only kicks in for the “recovery”. A minute is very long for an anearobic effort, but then you probably need a gigantic FRC to do the 1000W/min.

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He’s also 20kg’s lighter.

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I feel like my HR will start moving within 30 seconds of hard effort. Definitely doesn’t take a full minute for me to start feeling it! And 1000W is a HARD EFFORT ALLCAPS

So genuinely then how much genuine data is there out there for this. The only other amateur data I’ve seen for the 1000w minute is from @scratch_bear….who I raced in an uphill 4 up knockout tournament last year……and he pumped me :joy:

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