1000 watts for one minute. Is it true?

Must be way higher than 400w. He is pretty heavy, like 78kg. Even if we lowball and give him 6wkg he must be around 470w.
Probably closer to 500w.

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Didn’t realize he was that heavy, thought he lost some weight since his CX days

He definitively has lost weight, but he’s 6’2 afaik.

About 75 - 76kg during the TdF

100% clickbait.

I could post the same with numbers 200w lower. There is No validation at all.

Note even with these numbers still not 1000w for a minute.

Estimate minute power about 750 - 780 btw which is more realistic. FTP slightly north of 450 for those that care, not that any pro does.

His size is what makes his uphill achievements impressive.

With the team sky program he can be a grand tour winner. Easy.

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Then w’ ~40kj, which is still high but maybe more believable

Never paid attention to w’ but shouldn’t this be normalized for the weight and/or ftp?
If a 60kg rider does 25kj isn’t that more effective than a 90kg rider doing 35kj?
Am I missing something?

It’s not something you do, it’s something you have, energy you can spend above FTP. You could divide it by weight, but that doesn’t help you as you don’t usually spend it depending on weight.

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I’ve seen charts relating w’ ranges trending with FTP/CP but not normalized to weight, would be interesting to see the range for different weights as well

How do I know if I have it before doing it? Whenever I see a w’ being discussed it is off of an executed effort.
What is the formula for w’? Don’t tell me they are taking the integral of the cp curve above ftp?

We produce it depending on weight.

Since ftp/cp tied strongly to weight and kj is an absolute unit that would be expected.
For the last 8 years or so a very important metric around pacing, race analysis, predictions etc is kj/kg/hour. Some youtubers and wko charts use that too.

Yep basically that. Since watts is just joules per second its how much work above criticial piwer is done.

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Makes sense for executed efforts.
I was wondering how they estimate how much I have. Since it is mentioned that w’ is something I have and not something I do. Looks like the other way around.

I’d guesstimate WVA’s FTP at or above 500W and would reckon he’d be in the ballpark of the kilowatt minute.

His FTP will be way way higher than 400W. For reference, Jay Vine’s FTP is 430W at 69kg and no disrespect to Jay but he can’t do all the things Wout can do in bike racing

I have a screenshot from Wout’s Garmin at a training camp, where he did a 4h ride with a 20’ test after about 2h where he did 471 or 478W. Which is a 448W FTP. Perhaps fresh he could do a bit more, as shown in the numbers in Charlie cycling and carbs’ Youtube video.


He said on a podcast his tour weight is either 76kg or 78kg, I can’t remember which one is was though.

I’d assume that would be an absolute floor though. Was it maximal? Was it in July? Plenty of middle of the road amateur 1st cats where I race with FTPs in the 400s so for WVA to ride away from the Tour peloton I just think he has to be well over 450.

All conjecture on my part though!


I remember that YouTube video. Idk if it was fresh or not but it was almost 480w for 20. The big difference between middle of road amateur and world tour isn’t so much that WT riders have way more power but rather that they have way more repeatability, can recover from huge rides quicker, and can produce bear their maxes towards the end of long races. WVA had a perfect lead out onto the punchy climb, attacked, and then soloed away from the field for like 15mins in this years tour. He’s awesomely strong, but that was perfect team tactics to set it up and be delivered.

I think him, MVdp and the sprinters (who weigh over 75kg) can all do a kilowatt for 1min fresh. I looked at MVDP data from his XC data and he regularly spiked 30-45sec with avg power around 900 and that’s within a 1:20min race

Not sure exactly what you are asking, but when someone refers to your w’ or anaerobic work capacity as something you have it means its similar to your vo2max, its slightly trainable but varies based on genetics. You can esiltimate how much you have from over threshold efforts of various durations, then use that to predict future performances. Say you can do 300w over ftp for 100 sec then your w’ is 30kj. Then your estimated time you can hold 600w over threshold is around 50 sec.