100 days to my A event, what can i do to raise m chance of success?

Ok, its actually 97 days:) My A event is the Tour de Tucson in November. Last year i completed the ride in 5:48 (5:32 moving time) and my A goal is <5:00.

I was around 2.4w/kg on that ride and i finished strong. Since then I have lost 20lbs (to 218 lbs) and added 40W ( hovering around 284w) and am around 2.8 w/kg.

As to training, I’ve been doing LV + endurance rides. I’ve averaged 9 hr a week. I’ve been consistent ( I’m curious to see if you agree) though I’ve struggled a bit with longer threshold intervals lately.

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There are 2 significant climbs on the route and i was about 30 minutes on both. I didnt have a power meter on the bike then, but i do now.
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I’ll continue to hit my TR workouts. I figure i have 45 ish days to build fitness. My question is what should i focus on? Longer .8if rides on the weekends? Figure out threshold efforts? Loose more dead weight? Change the build or speciality phase choice?

How long have you been training in general?

Ive been on TR for 2 years and riding for a year or 2 before that. Before that i was a runner, though a mediocre one:)

You can probably perform this already. I don’t know how far you live from the event, but if it’s not too far, go do it with some buddies before hand or solo. As for event day, stay towards the front and eventully fade back if you can’t keep up with the fastest riders, and get with a group that’s around your ability level. If losing weight is easy, then do it for another few weeks, but give yourself at 2-3 weeks before hand to ease up on any weight loss goals. Honestly, with all the weight you already lost you are probably good. Also, the climbs are not what I would consider to be that steep so you could probably do some drafting there. Other than that, just stick with your plan and make sure you have enough long rides in the 4-5 hour range in you to where that time on the bike is not such a strech. Good luck!

When it’s not a bilion degrees outside anymore, I think some long outdoor Z2 rides are in order.

Get used to being on the saddle for many hours and dial in your nutrition.

I think your fitness will easily get you sub 5, so don’t let all the other stuff spoil your day.

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Willcox Flyer, Grupo Fondo, Nogales Classic, and Bicycle Ranch Crit. Not in that order, though. And I’m probably missing some options.

Great job with your training! Your consistency has been AWESOME which we love to see!!

I think you’re on the right track here already. The Gran Fondo plan you’re currently on should be a good fit for el Tour de Tucson – it will have plenty of sustained power work for those climbs you’ll face during the event. Those workouts can be tough, but Adaptive Training will get you locked into the right workouts for your current fitness as you move through your plan.

If you have time for some longer rides, those could be helpful when it comes to dialing in your nutrition and hydration strategies, as well as making sure your equipment is in good shape for those extended durations.

Keep up the good work! Feel free to let us know if you have any other questions. :slight_smile:

You are probably already in good shape for your target time. If you have some extended climbing nearby that closely resembles the climbs in the race, I’d spend some time doing those climbs in the last 6-8 weeks prior to your event.

Thanks for the responses! Last saturday i completed Big Mountain, 7.8 endurance, and tomorrow im going to do Appalachian, which is 3:30.

I’m in Tucson, so I’ll definitely go ride the 2 big climbs several times beforehand.

I appreciate the support and encouragement. Ill keep updating this thread as the event gets closer.